AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality means to add something to Real-world which will feel like a real object present there which actually does not exists. So it’s totally different from the Virtual reality where a virtual environment is created and you became a part of it, on the other hand, we can say that AR (augmented reality) is the mix of Virtual reality and Real World.

Some digital information is integrated with the user’s environment in real time, here we use the real environment (real world) to display information on top of it. It could help persons in understanding or visualizing things better.

There are some of the advantages/disadvantages of having an Augmented Reality for eg –


  • It can help the children to be more expressive and interactive in their work.
  • Enhances the Gaming experience
  • Helps in shopping
  • Improved training and education


  • Addictive gaming features would create many health issues
  • Chances of deadly injuries or accidents:
  • Disassociation of Reality
  • Only works on limited devices

There is three kind of AR available :

  • Web-based (uses a consumer’s PC or webcam to deliver the AR experience).
  • Mobile-based (delivers the experience via a user’s mobile phone while also providing improved or enhanced digital data about the user’s surroundings).
  • Kiosk-based (does not require the use of a webcam but is obviously more costly because you need a kiosk constructed).

Here we will continue with the mobile-based AR for Android and IOS platforms, there are many available SDKs for the mobile platforms those are listed below:


Its a Google platform for building an AR experience, It offers many different APIs. It enables the device to sense the environment, understand the real world and interact with digital information. Features include:

  • Motion tracking.
  • Environmental understanding.
  • Light Estimation.

Apple ARKit

It will work on Apple A9 and A10 CPUs which have some significant functionalities such as

  1. Visual Inertial Odometry.
  2. Plane Detection.
  3. Lighting.


It is an Open Source Augmented reality software. It allows customizing to any of your mobile application that works on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Features include:

  • Integration with GPS.
  • Automatic Camera Calibration.
  • Simultaneous Tracking.


Offer some magnificent functions and considered as one of the superlative platforms for AR (augmented reality) application development. It can recognize the 3D and 2D objects and could also play videos whenever the targeted surface is detected


Provides next-generation SDK which offers a great number most advanced features. It is available as the paid 2.0 SDK Pro but also provides the free version which can store up to 1000 on device targets.

Features include :

  • 3D tracking
  • SLAM technology
  • Screen Recording
  • Cloud recognition


This AR(augmented reality) App development Kit is available for both free and commercial license. The trial version of this kit is an absolute watermark.

Features include:

  • Recognizes 2D and 3D Images.
  • SLAM support.


A top-tier AR(augmented reality) app development kit which is equipped with features that assist to both types of AR development i.e. Marker-based and location-based for iOS, Android and Windows.

Features include:

  • Tracking for mapping environment.
  • Geo-location based to develop AR Applications.


It consists of three different products which are-

  • XZIMG Augmented Face (is a facial tracking technology which works based on the Unity Support)
  • Vision (vision recognizes the black and White Markers and Simple Images)
  • Magic Face (Make-up based face replacement)


Offers software which helps in building augmented reality apps namely Maxst AR SDK 2D. It is available for free with watermarks and also for a commercial license.

Features include:

  • Multiple Images Recognition
  • Video Augmentation
  • SDK 3D enhances the features like – SLAM technology and occlusion effect

You can choose any of the above libraries as per your requirements, budget and features provided to develop your application which features the AR (Augmented Reality).

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