Test Automation – Testing Performance of Web Applications

Web testing is a stream of software testing which focuses on testing web application. Web performance test enables verification that a web application’s behavior is correct. It is usually used to test the performance of the web.

Creating a web test

Web test are created using internet explorer, which records a user clicking through a web application. Click on Test in the menu and select New Test.

As you select the following you get a screen asking for the type of test.

Select Web Performance Test and click Ok, Enter the project name you wish to follow and click Create.

When you add a new web test to your project, visual studio will open up Internet Explorer and you should see the web test recorder panel in the browser. You can now go to a web site and start using it just like you normally would, and you will see your action being recorded by the web test recorder. You can pause/stop/delete at any time you feel to.

When you finish performing the action that you wanted to record, click the stop on the web test recorder toolbar and you will be taken back to visual studio and you will see your actions in web test file. As we click the run option it will run the recorded script. As the script runs it detects every individual link and we can see it in the below frame.

RED indicates the test is failed and GREEN represents the test is pass.

Note: Java script files, CSS and Image files are not supported. They produce 404 errors while the web performance tests.

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