Automation for Fulfilling CCPA compliance using Dynamics CRM and Power Automate

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state level law that promotes the safety of consumer by providing them control over their personal data. By prohibiting the data sales and by regulating the limited access it safeguards the privacy of a personnel. Moreover, by exercising this option one can even request organization to delete their personal data from business records.

Power Automate is low code UI base automation which helps business to auto-delete the customer data, also auto-intimate the customer after deleting their data.
Here, I am going to describe how MS Power Automate can help in automating “information removal process” using Dynamics CRM:

Information Removal process

Receiving Request:

User will request via submitting a form. Here, I am using a Microsoft form which will directly connect to a Microsoft flow and will trigger the flow. We can use other source to trigger a Microsoft flow like an entity, a database table etc.

Validate request

We need to validate the information submitted by the customer by checking whether the customer data is present in the existing system. We can validate this information by customer name, address or by email ID.

Data Removal

After validating the customer request, we can proceed to delete the data from contacts and leads from CRM. We will find the specific record from different entity and will remove the records.

Sent notification

After removing customer data, we will send an email notification to the customer to notify the status of their request.
Below is the workflow:


That’s all, this is how we can automate the complete manual process within an organization in a single go.
The same solution can be applied on other platform like CRM/ERP systems helping to save manual efforts and time.

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