Quote-to-Cash application in PowerApps on Dynamics 365

Quote-to-cash is a very important business process responsible to drive revenue for any organization. From a business perspective, this process provides insight about customer purchase behaviour, further adding to catalyze business revenue via positively impacting the entire organization’s sales, customer-relationships and contact maintenance life-cycle.

Quote-to-Cash Process involves the following steps

  • Once we have the opportunity to deliver a quote to a lead.
  • Based on the opportunities prepare a quote for the products to present to the lead.
  • Craft the proposal and agreement once the quote is approved.
  • Process the order if the target lead is ready to have an order based on your quote.
  • Generate an invoice and email it to the lead.
  • Collect the Cash for the sale.
Quote to cash process

Automating Quote-to-Cash Process using Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

Automating the Quote-to-Cash process (with D365 and Power Apps) offers a systematic flow to motivate the buyers and to influence overall business. In due course covering the end-to-end sales function of the organization.
By adapting an integrated Quote-to-Cash process with Microsoft Dynamics 365, an organization can attain the robust sales cycle along with preparing quote and contract with higher degree of accuracy.
Extending D365 for Quote-to-Cash is user friendly. A solution that has single sign-on and as it is the part of Microsoft Solution it makes the selling and delivering a quality customer experience (though usage of microsoft automation flows).

Essential components for the Quote-to-Cash automation flow

  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance

Customer Service: Based on the opportunities(represents a potential sale for a specific Customer) of the Lead(Target Customer), we will create a Quote in the Dynamics CRM. Products in the Product List section will get automatically added in the Quote.

Sales: Once we receive purchase order from the customer against the Quote and receive the purchase order, we will generate a sales order and process the Order. Every minute details like discounts, total charges, billing timeframes, etc. will be a part of the quote. A customer can see the status of his orders on the customer portal.

Supply Chain Management: After the successful execution of the Sales Order, Invoice will be generated based on the sales order and sent to SCM for shipment. Once shipment is done, a notification of the shipment will be sent to the customer along with tracking information so that the customer can track the status of shipment.
Then it will automatically be passed to the finance team.

Finance: Cash will be received against the Invoice sent to the Customer.

Quote to cash automation flow

Automating Quote-to-Cash process helps organization in the following manner

  • Automating the quotes, contracts, orders, and renewals.
  • Reduction in proposal errors.
  • Eliminating the dependency on programs, such as Word or Excel to manage quote, order listing and other useful information.
  • Eliminating the Manual calculations and uncontrolled price lists to avoid mistakes.
  • Manage Up-to-date product and pricing information.
  • Provides centralized quote, sales order, product pricing, and contract rules.
  • Accelerates the order fulfillment and billing processes.

Ignatiuz’s Quote-to-Cash assists in improving your business for the future

Ignatiuz’s low code no code solutions can significantly improve communication and collaboration with Quote-to-Cash process. Notifications and process flows keep all stakeholders in the company and even in partner networks up to date. With automation and integration, Quote-to-Cash eliminates many data entry work and manual steps.

The Quote to Cash Ignatiuz process entails focusing on each stage of product development and delivery, as well as developing a thorough understanding of client needs and your own business objectives. Most enterprise sales tools include flowcharts, analytics reports, and various perceptions that will help your team understand your specific procedure.

Furthermore, Quote-to-Cash is the keystone that connects upper development, underside results, and client satisfaction.

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