G – Suite for Education

Google have been playing an important role as a game changer by enhancing the learning experience with modern learning techniques. Google’s communication and collaboration apps include major apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sites, Forms, Hangouts, Sheets, Slides and Classroom. The best part is that Google is providing all these for free to educators and students. Features like sharing, commenting and live collaboration on docs digitally by removing all the barriers. Google is providing the 24 X 7 support for all these features.

Time Saving

A positive feature of using G suite is easy collaboration for working together on projects by creating, editing and sharing the documents and files in real time. Multiple peoples can work on same file at a time and the file is automatically stored in the cloud, this saves the time for integration and all the changes are easily manageable. Students and teachers can interact immediately while going through the changes.

Device Friendly

Tools are easily available for all the types of devices like computer, tablets and phones. One can easily start working anytime anywhere just by signing in. User can experience consistency and looks best across all the devices. Students can even share the device and still work individually just by signing in.

Cost Effective

Google is providing the free service for educators and students. The apps are easily available and allows for paperless work which is easily accessible and manageable in long term. Assignments can be easily organized and centrally managed across the institution. Google provides easily affordable laptops, Chromebook and android tablets which are made to lower the total the cost of ownership for educators and students.

Modern Learning

Google have transformed the traditional learning by making educational apps digitally available for everyone. Students and teachers can easily collaborate and work together. Teachers can easily setup class with just few clicks and students can be easily added and removed. Assignments can be easily created and distributed to students in one go. The status of the assignments of students can be easily tracked. Students can easily integrate the assignments with the docs, drive and files available. Parents can get the news letters for the same for their kids.

Effortless Planning

Google calendar helps the teachers to plan their work and easily inform their students by sharing it with them. Calendars are easily integrated and synchronized with other Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts. Synchronized calendar allows multiple peoples to manage the events with live collaborating feature. Integration works well when one has to check the availability for timing and organizing the event based on everyone’s availability.

Easy Website Creation

Google Sites are a plus point where teachers or students want to build a team project or to showcase their work and share among the group or public. Google Sites are easy to create and does not need a single line of coding. Google also provide smart tools like drag and drop, tight integration with other google apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets etc., easy permission levels and dynamic.

Safe and Secure

Google have made it secured for students so it does not collect any data posted by teachers and students. No ads were displayed in students account. The searches are more secure and the content is filtered when they are signed in with Education accounts.

Unlimited Storage

Google is providing unlimited storage for free to all the Education account users on Google Drive and Vault. One can store as many files as needed. All the content in Google Drive and Vault are easily accessible anytime anywhere just by signing in. Version history is maintained for the documents with time of edit. One can easily collaborate for the stuff stored in it.

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