Gi-Fi Technology

Technology is the collection of two word technique and logic, it means a technical logic which you can implement it in any way to achieve some output. With the help of technology, you can grow up and go ahead in a Rat Race environment. And it can help you in any environment to enhance your digital life.

I’m going to introduce a new technology called Gi-Fi here which is the advance version of existing technology. You all know about the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, and it is not wrong, if I say most of the people are using these technologies in one or other mode like transferring data from one location to other through wireless connection via phone and or any other mobile device.

Gi-Fi or gigabit wireless technology is the world’s first wireless technology which helps you to transfer data wirelessly with 5 GB per second speed. It is very fast transfer rate, compare to existing technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, within a range of 10 meters, with a lowest cost.

It was developed by Melbourne University-based laboratories of NICTA (National ICT Australia Limited), Australia’s Information and Communications Technology Research Centre of Excellence.

Since many years, we are using copper cables and optical fiber cables to transfer data and really it’s very difficult to manage its Installation, Service and Connection. With Wi-Fi, It was possible to transfer the data wirelessly but there is still a leg while transferring high definition videos. Such issues and increasing demand of heavy data streaming in wireless networks, are drawing attention to a new technology which is capable of handling such issues.

Features of Gi-Fi Technology:

  • High speed:

It transfers a bunch of 5gb data in a second.

  • Low Power:

It consumes only 2mw (mili-watts) power to transfer a Gigabytes (GB) data. In comparison of other technology it is very much energy efficient.

  • Cost-effective:

Gi-Fi chipset costs $10 only. In comparison to the existing technology, it is also a cost effective solution.

  • Quick Deployment:

Its deployment is very easy. Once the device is installed, it is ready to use and in major cases it installs in a minute.

  • Other features:

Highly secure, very much portable, flexible architecture and small coverage area.

  • Gi-Fi Access Devices:

You can access it on Cellular phone, LAN AP, PDA, Notebook, Fax, Printer, Headset, and PSTN GN.

Applications of Gi-Fi:

  • House hold appliances: it helps you, in making your home wireless.
  • Office appliances.
  • It helps you to stream audio/video.
  • Inter-vehicle communication system.
  • Live Broadcasting of video signal.

Comparison of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Gi-Fi:

Characteristics Bluetooth Wi-Fi Gi-Fi
Frequency 24GHz 24GHz 60GHz
Range 10 meter 100 meter 10 meter
Application WPAN cable WLAN Ethernet Embedded in device
Transfer rate 800 Kbps 11 mbps 5 Gbps
Power Consumption 5 mw 10 mw 2 mw
Primary devices Mobile phones, PDAs, consumer electronics, office and industrial devices Notebooks, desktop computer Fax, Printer, Cellular phones


Technology Considerations: Due to less cost of chip, many big companies want to launch a product based on it and wants to grow in the market with this new generation technology.

I can say that within five years, Gi-Fi will be the dominant technology for wireless networking.

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