Google Sites – An Overview

Now a days peoples have started opting for DIY ideas. Google has always focused on user friendliness in all its products. Google sites have made it very simple to create one’s own website and publish it to web. It’s very easy when it comes to create a simple intranet website with few pieces of information. Google site have classic sites when it was introduced and now it’s having new sites which have become simpler and easier to use for users. Google sites have emerged as a very good option for those who wants to share information for different group of users compatible on all the devices. Google sites is a very good option for those who are using google products like Google Drive, Maps, Calendars, YouTube etc. Google provides vast options for advertisements to grow your business. As it’s already proved that Google have succeeded in giving their users exactly what they were looking for.

Google Sites


  • WYSIWYG Drag-and-drop design experience
  • Real-time collaboration by multiple editors, just like in Docs
  • Easy access and integration to all your Google Apps content like Drive, Maps, Calendar, YouTube and more.
  • Beautiful themes and layouts, templates, site pages.
  • Responsive with all types of devices.
  • Embedded sections and Embedded URLs.
  • Live collaborate editing.
  • Material design drawer and ‘Hamburger’ Menu.
  • Add people profiles which display in a list and as detail pages.
  • Strong Integration to Google Analytics.
  • Sites as easy to create as a doc.
  • Sites integrated with your favourite apps.
  • Two types of sites available – classic Sites and new Sites.
  • Different types of templates available namely Lists, Announcements, File Cabinets, Calendars.
  • Easy publishing features with simplified permissions.

How Google Sites can help in your business

  • Creation of interactive website to display content easily in just few minutes for your organisation.
  • User friendly and cost effective (free for limited storage capacity).
  • The documents, calendars, maps, videos and other google products can be integrated very easily.
  • Simplified permissions to manage the access over the site and its pages.
  • The people looking for more customisation can opt for classic sites where as those looking for simplified dynamic and responsive site can opt for new sites.
  • Advertisement plays a very important role in any business and Google can fulfil the needs for the same.
  • The Google sites can be tightly integrated with Google Analytics with just the unique id code and one can easily track the site visits.
  • Multiple user can collaborate live on single site just as one can in google docs.
  • One can create and host as many sites as needed on Google Sites.
  • Initial start-ups does not need any kind of domain name registration, just sign up on google and its ready to get started with Google Sites.
  • Organisations can map their business domains to Google Sites.
  • Different gadgets are available to make the website more interactive.

Here it was a brief introduction for Google Sites, there are many more enhancements that can be done, let’s wait for up-gradation.

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