LeanKit-Smartsheet Connector

While teams across the globe are working from home, they are looking to find new ways to collaborate better remotely. One of our clients having their offices at different locations in US was struggling with a situation where few users used the convenient method of task tracking using interactive Kanban boards on LeanKit, while at the other end, few advanced users needed extensive functionality to track their processes and were using Smartsheet

To overcome this challenge, we developed a custom solution using .NET Framework that syncs data between LeanKit and Smartsheet in real time. Any updates made to a connected board in LeanKit are reflected in the respective Smartsheet in real time. The changes made to Smartsheet are reflected in respective LeanKit card, making it easier for users to continue using their preferred platform while being fully productive.

How does this work?

The app begins by connecting a LeanKit board to a Smartsheet. All the fields on cards in LeanKit are mapped to columns in Smartsheet. When a new card is created, it creates a new row in the Smartsheet with data synced from card to the row. Any updates made to the card including data updates and lane changes are synced to Smartsheet in real time. Similarly, any changes to the data in Smartsheet updates respective card in LeanKit.

Parent-child linking between cards is synced in Smartsheet and all the child cards in LeanKit are nested under the row corresponding to parent card.

The roadmap

In the following weeks, we are working on advancing the syncing which will update the following items between LeanKit and Smartsheet in real time.

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