An Introduction to Microsoft PixelSense


What is Microsoft PixelSense
Microsoft® PixelSenseTM is one of the latest technologies put forward by Microsoft. It provides a unique combination of touch and actual objects to share digital contents. The Microsoft PixelSense technology works on efficient collaboration of hardware and software to create a natural user interface platform for the users. It was initially launched as Microsoft Surface but later it was renamed to Microsoft PixelSense. Samsung became the first company to incorporate Microsoft PixelSense into its product SUR40 and make it available for public.

Microsoft PixelSense technology allows a display device to recognize fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen. It thus facilitates vision-based interaction without the need of a camera. Every pixel of the screen is capable to see what is touching the screen and send the information for processing and interpretation. Microsoft PixelSense<spanclass=”Kinect”> thus eliminates the need of having multiple devices and allows the users to interact altogether on a single device.


Microsoft PixelSense development is coming up as yet another area of business opportunities. There are very few companies who are providing Microsoft PixelSense development services. Microsoft provides Microsoft PixelSense 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) which is used by the developers to create natural user interface based touch apps for devices running on Microsoft PixelSense. PixelSense applications can be written in Windows Presentation Foundation or Microsoft XNA.

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