Temperature Screening Kiosks – All you need to know about 2020’s saviors

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become the new normal. While isolation and maintaining appropriate distance from others is a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus, it was quite challenging to achieve with the lockdown being ceased. However, technology once again has been proved pivotal during these trying times. Automated identity and automatic body temperature scanner tools are some of the efficient innovations that have proven to be beneficial. These tools allow the measurement of people’s temperatures, be it a crowded place, hospitality setting or a business environment.

This blog features everything that you should know about automated temperature screening kiosks.

What is a Temperature Scanning Kiosk?

A temperature screening kiosk uses a proximity reader to recognize an individual presence and activates the user interface prompt even without touching the person. It’s a contactless scanner that gauges an individual’s body temperature, and it features specialized hardware for body temperature monitoring. Also, the temperature screening kiosk features software that is integrated with communication applications, submitting survey results or queries. On the other hand, this body temperature scanner is also famous as an automated temperature screening kiosk due to its automated access control feature.

This device can identify individuals’ temperatures within seconds. Being an automatic body temperature scanner, people find kiosks suitable for mass temperature vetting purposes. For instance, all events where people congregate like concerts, film shoots, cricket matches, football games, weddings, markets, or even for offices using temperature reading kiosks to quickly screen employees or visitors.

How do Temperature Scanning Kiosks work?

With temperature screening kiosks, an individual has to maintain 1-3 feet of distance; the individual’s forehead is scanned to detect the temperature. If an individual’s body temperature monitor portrays an elevated temperature of 100.4°F, per CDC guidelines, the system software renders the present temperature data measured with a status of elevated or not elevated. The machine will send the individual for additional screening in the case of elevated status. There the individual is further screened, which is helpful to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Yes, some brands can create their user profiles to recognize repeat visitors and historically keep a record of their temperatures.

Some TSKs (temperature screening kiosks) are not only limited to being an automatic body temperature scanner. Besides, they can be paired with doors to make the doors open only for individuals with normal body temperature. At the same time, some businesses are using these temperature reading kiosks to take attendance. For instance, a customer care office can use one automated temperature screening kiosk to scan their employees and keep a record of their attendance.

How temperature scanning kiosks prevent the spread of contagious infections?

Technologies might not be enough to ward off the infection spread. But, kiosks can help in this by measuring the temperature of individuals and propagate awareness about the symptoms. The usage of temperature scanning kiosks cannot completely prevent the spread of infections and health abnormalities. But, for an organization, an automated temperature screening kiosk can identify individuals and help in the maintenance of other employees’ health.

For instance, if your organization is using an automatic body temperature scanner, you will know if your or your colleagues have elevated levels of temperature, and further treatment can be assorted.

Unfortunately, this body temperature scanner cannot identify an asymptomatic individual because of no visible symptoms. In this condition, individuals should implement additional protocols to deplete the risk of any contagious infection.

Face mask requirements, social distancing guidelines, and hand sanitizer are the other additional protocols that individuals should follow in combination with the temperature reading kiosk. These precautions are potent enough to deplete the chances that infected individuals will spread a virus.

How can temperature scanning kiosks be integrated into a Business?

Temperature scanning kiosks can help organizations to prevent the spread of a virus.

Corporate Offices/Warehouses

Corporations, massive, medium or small are using this body temperature monitor to quickly screen employees and maintain their attendance. Kiosks are very helpful for those warehouse workers who have to clock in and out of work. Additionally, kiosks are helpful in marking attendance for which many businesses are adopting it.

Many large corporations had placed kiosks in their building’s front lobby to measure the body temperature of every visitor, whether he is a mailman or a crucial client. That is how one can scan every visitor before he gets permission to enter the building.

Through this body temperature screening, businesses can contribute to preventing the spread of a noxious virus.

Just like the corporate industry and warehouses, schools, event ventures, wedding planners, and hospitals can place temperature screening kiosks outside the main entrances where staff and visitors enter. These temperature reading kiosks not only measure individuals’ elevated body temperature but also mark the employees’ or students’ attendance.

Benefits of Temperature Screening Kiosk to Businesses

Of course, these temperature screening kiosks are expensive, but they do not cost an arm or a leg. They are very beneficial and helpful in the comparison of a hand-held thermometer. They feature some modern-day software that helps in two ways, measure temperature, aside from infected people, and mark attendance. Also, because these kiosks are contactless, there is no need to risk someone’s health by giving him a hand-held thermometer to scan a visitor up close.

Fortunately, an automatic body temperature scanner, a kiosk, is the solution to protect employees’ health and privacy. Softwares providers protect different employees by alerting them without risking a breach of confidentiality. They give an individual a health alert by text messages, push notifications, email, and more. The following are the five prevalent benefits of this automated temperature screening kiosk.

  1. Convenience for well-established big corporations.
  2. An easy and safe way to maintain the safety of the staff and employees.
  3. It does not cost an arm or a leg.
  4. Has software to keep a record of every individual temperature and attendance history.
  5. Helpful in preventing the spread of a noxious virus.

Temperature screening kiosks have marked an indelible name in the changing medical landscape.
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