What Makes a Temperature Screening Kiosk an Essential Tool in COVID-19

COVID-19, which started as an outbreak, soon took the form of a pandemic. Nation-wide lockdown measures were implemented to contain the spread of the coronavirus, social distancing norms were put in place, and government and authorities revisited the healthcare infrastructure and strategies in response to COVID. However, gradually, as the country started on the path of recovery from COVID-19, and lockdown measures were lifted, everyone was keen for normal life to begin. Businesses who needed their employees to be on the site could not put their employees’ health at stake. Thus, body temperature screening became paramount and so the significance of a temperature screening kiosk.

Handheld temperature screening devices were made available instantly. These devices are easy-to-use and portable to carry anywhere and everywhere, however, the social distancing of 6-yards could not be maintained while using these devices. Though best used for small-scale usage such as in small premises, leveraging it for mass screening is not viable, especially in the business premises. Businesses have to appoint dedicated staff for this temperature screening process, which will add to their capital cost. At such a juncture, an automated temperature screening kiosk seems the most effective, pragmatic, and viable solution.

Today, non-contact temperature assessment devices are being profusely used as part of the initial check at entry points of businesses and stores to measure the body temperatures of customers and employees alike. These devices leverage robust thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers to measure the individual’s temperature in an instant manner. As elevated body temperature is likely an indicator of COVID infection, those individuals are prohibited to enter business premises or crowded stores. Though increased body temperature is not a sure-shot way to identify the symptoms of corona-virus, it is still an effective and preventive measure to curb its spread by identifying potential impacts.

Business corporations, transportation systems, community organizations, etc. have resumed, gradually if not full-fledged, normal operations in phases to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection while ensuring the safety of their employees. The step-wise resuming of business operations include an initial assessment for identifying people who might be infected with the COVID-19 virus in order to keep the office premises safe.

Thermal imaging systems, such as infrared telethermographic systems and thermal imaging
cameras are soon becoming the top choice for monitoring body temperature and adhering to the social distancing norms in the process without posing health and safety risks. Several scientific studies also support the use of remote body temperature measurement devices to detect elevated temperatures.

Here are some of the key benefits of a body temperature scanner.

Health issue privacy

While working-from-home has become a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, and several businesses planning to adopt this even post-COVID, there are certain businesses who need their employees on the site or at the office for optimal functioning. At the same time, they have to ensure optimum health and safety for their on-premise employees. Temperature screening kiosks are pivotal in ensuring the same as they can effectively detect employees with elevated temperatures, who might be at the risk of COVID infection and might be a spreader. Those employees are alerted personally through automated messaging so that their health intel stays private. Ensuring their health privacy is much more critical at such trying times to save them from embarrassment or stigma at the workplace. A temperature reading kiosk is the most viable technological innovation to achieve this.

Safer and adheres to social distancing norms

The social distancing recommendations require people to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet at all times in crowded places and otherwise. However, it’s difficult to administer while manually measuring an individual’s temperature with a handheld scanner. Besides, it may further endanger both the parties. However, using COVID temperature kiosks, employers can easily adhere to the social distancing regulations and ensure effective screening of on-premise employees simultaneously. Remote screening kiosks allow employees to get their temperature reading on the spot and those with higher temperatures can be effectively advised to take up further screening, and investigation.

Quick & Accurate

Quick process and scientifically precise results are two key unique value propositions of a body temperature scanner. Screening kiosks provided by Ignatiuz are known to get the temperature results within seconds on the spot and they are proven to be 99% precise.

Real-time Screening

As of now, the real causes or symptoms or medium of the spread of the coronavirus are unknown. While elevated temperatures are a likely indicator, there might be several asymptomatic cases as well. Here comes the role of real-time screening. Temperature screening kiosks are effective in the real-time screening of employees’ body temperature to detect issues on-time so that necessary precautionary measures can be adopted.


Handheld screening devices require the allocation and training of staff members to monitor employee temperature screening processes in a manual manner, which may further contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. Using other types of screening stalls require hiring third-party contractors to monitor and execute the screening process, which is likely to be an add-on cost for the employers. On the contrary, remote temperature screening kiosks eliminate the need to train staff altogether and eventually cost considerably less to process employee screening.

Prevention is essential

Though the curve has flattened somehow, the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to be over. Complacency in abiding by safety and regulatory measures will further complicate the situation. Prevention is essential and critical while global nations buckle up to come out stronger in trying times. Apart from social distancing and safety measures, temperature kiosks are a great way to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 infections in the most cost and time-efficient manner.


We hope you find this article informative and persuasive. If you are yet to invest in temperature screening kiosks and are planning to leverage the best one available in the market, do check out Ignatiuz’s Daizo COVID-19 temperature screening kiosk, today!

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