Kinect v2 for Windows

KinectKinect is motion sensor device mainly used for Gaming purpose.

Kinect enable users to control games, movies, music through physical motion or voice recognition. Kinect identifies each players through face recognition and voice recognition without any intermediary device such as a input controller like keyboard or joystick.

In this device the cursor is controlled by our palm. To move cursor, move your palm and for click any item simply push and back of your hand palm.


Kinect is motion sensor device mainly used for Gaming purpose. Microsoft developed many applications which provides interface to Kinect. Microsoft developed windows SDK with latest version 2.0. The Kinect for window V2 has many improvements over earlier versions. Latest version of Kinect improves technical specification and tracking of physical moving system and works with 512 × 424 depth cameras with capable of sensing the depth of 30 Hz frequency and 1920 × 1080 resolutions, Frame rate 60 FPS and Latency 60 Ms. The Color Camera Captures 1080p video at 30 Hz and the infra red emitter has similar capabilities. Window SDK provides tools to develop Kinect enabled applications for windows contains 3D- Object scanning and modelling program.


The objective of this application is to provide clear guideline to develop windows application with Kinect interface. If you are a Programmer and you have some programming experience then they can develop Kinect applications, learn from here:

Hardware Requirements

  • Kinect for windows v2 sensor, power hub, and USB cabling.
  • Computer with the following capabilities.
  1. 64- bit (X64) processor.
  2. 4 GB Memory (or more).
  3. 17 3.1 GHz (or higher).
  4. Built – in USB 3.0 host controller.
  5. DX11 capable graphics adapter.

Software Requirements

  • Windows 8 or 8.1 (x64)
  • Visual Studio 2012 or 2013
  • Kinect for windows SDK 2.0

Install required software

  • Visual studio can be downloaded here

    Kinect for windows SDK 2.0 can be downloaded here


The Application note provides step-by-step guide for creating a windows application in C# that can acquire depth frame data from a Kinect device for windows v2 camera, which process the data and stream the processed data to an output image.

The Kinect has a many more features including color capture, and face and body recognition.

Kinect for Windows SDK key features and benefits

  • Advanced facial tracking.
  • Improved body, hand and joint orientation.
  • Windows store support.
  • Unity pro support.
  • Powerful tooling.
  • Simultaneous multi-app support.

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