myShowcase Sharing Feature

myShowcase is an application built for large multi-touch screens and tables running on Windows operating system. It has a clean and lucrative rich layout along with tones of attractive animations and nice user friendly interface. The application can be used as an interactive product catalog to showcase products and their details.

The application presents all the information like textual description, full HD videos and high resolution images in an intuitive way. It has an inbuilt content management system (CMS) to manage all the app contents. This makes it work like a charm at places where connectivity is usually a problem, like expos.

The latest build of the application was released with an interesting “Share Feature”. This feature allows easy sharing of presented contents with users/visitors via cloud storage. Users can select to share single or multiple media. All the shared items are added to cart and a link to download is sent to the user when the user is ready. The media can be shared via FTP or cloud platforms like Dropbox. The administration may select to disable sharing of large files like HD videos.

The application works integrated with a surface app where the users can input their name and email ID and then just select their name from the myShowcase kiosks to share content with themselves easily.

Below are few screenshots showing the process of sharing media

Step 1) Launch the application and select a category


Step 2) Select any Sub-Category.


Step 3) Select Media (videos or images) to add in a cart. You can add media from different categories and sub-categories. All the content will be added to the free cart and the cart can be accessed from right side of the screen. If you are looking to share only a single file, you can do it directly by hitting the share button.


Step 4) Now as you have your cart ready, all you have to do is find yourself in the list. The list is retrieved from the database of users registered at the event. If you do not see your name in the list, you can hit the add button to add your name. If you are visiting with a friend, you can select multiple users and share the content with everyone in one go.


Tada! You are done. You will soon get an email with instructions to download the selected media files.


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