5 Reasons Why Every Company Must Invest in an Employee Timesheet Software

The future of remote work has already arrived. As millions of people have turned to ‘Work from Home’ as a last resort in the face of the massively engulfing pandemic caused by the COVID-19, this global medical emergency proved to be a major challenge to businesses across all sectors and sizes, forcing them to seek out remote options to keep their operations running. Working remotely has its own drawbacks. Keeping track of job productivity is one of the most difficult tasks, which can be made simpler with the aid of an employee timesheet app. Such applications allow the user to keep track of the hours spent and money expended on a specific task.

Although several organizations regard time monitoring as an extra burden, the fact is that it has many advantages for both employers and employees. These virtual tools have not only been shown to improve employee productivity, but they have also been shown to play an important role in promoting employee engagement.

5 Major Reasons to Invest in a Good Timesheet Software

Beneficial for Both Employees and Employer

For employees – The app is beneficial for employees to set clear goals, increase productivity, communicate in a better way and manage projects efficiently.

For employers – The app gives a bird’s eye view on the overall progress of projects, their status, and even pending invoices. Businesses benefit from enormous analytics provided by a time-tracking tool. The managers can monitor what’s going on at a project or employee level, such as which projects are overdue, overtime, or pending, to name a few. The company’s workflow, project expenses, and resource planning can then be optimized using these analytics.

Customer Billing and Employee Payroll

Another common issue that an organization may face is paying clients for the hours worked. This can be challenging without an employee timesheet app or monitoring tools. If your company bills clients by the working hours rather than on a project basis then using the timesheet tool can ensure that you charge the correct payment to your client. Another feature of the timesheet tool is that it provides you with a complete and precise report in a single location. Since it is difficult for your team members to remember every intricate detail, you can only get a rough estimate rather than the exact details of each reimbursable minute. However, with a timesheet, you can accurately monitor every second spent on a job and pay accordingly.

Reduce Cost and Time of Tracking Activities

Organizations do not need to invest a huge amount when it comes to the hardware or software for cloud computing. Most employee timesheet apps are available free of cost. While you need to pay a nominal amount for additional features and you only pay for what you need. While in-house software is expensive with an upfront licensing charge, as well as additional costs for enhancements and improvements. You can save money by not having to pay for the costs of operating and maintaining your own in-house solution, such as recruiting IT experts to manage your time tracking device. Other costs associated with an in-house solution that companies often overlook include the increased cost of energy used to power and cool the servers.

When you go with a cloud-based time and attendance system, you’ll be able to easily update the version as your business expands and your needs change. You don’t have to be concerned with whether or not your existing system would be able to accommodate the addition. And, unlike in-house tech solutions, software updates are automatic, which means you save your time and money on updating and maintenance.

Estimates and Budgets

An employee timesheet app provides a straightforward picture of the progress of a project by displaying the number of hours spent on each task. This allows the manager to re-assign resources to high-priority tasks, allowing them to be prioritized. You may also use this information to figure out how to better distribute a project’s resources to achieve the desired results. You will ensure maximum progress on the tasks at hand by better allocating resources.

Accurate and Fewer Errors

It can be difficult for any payroll department or team to manually quantify all working hours and ensure that each employee receives the proper salary, deductions, and other benefits. Using an employee timesheet app makes the job much simpler, causing fewer mistakes. Furthermore, manually estimating the employees’ work hours would necessitate the help of an accountant or an entire team. Instead, you can rely on an effective employee timesheet app method to make payroll easier. If hiring an experienced accountant is out of your reach as a start-up firm, consider an inexpensive timesheet app. All you need to do is understand how the app works, the feature you require for your organization and educate your employees on using the app in the right manner.

Why Invest in Ignatiuz’s Office 365 Timesheet Software?

The Office 365 Timesheet software by Ignatiuz is an easy-to-use add-in that works with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online (Office 365). Employees and employers appreciate the clean and user-friendly interface of the Office 365 Timesheet software. Furthermore, management can appreciate the easy reporting functionality of the Employee Timesheet App by Ignatiuz, such as exporting timesheets to Excel/CSV format, the potential integration of Microsoft Teams time tracking tools with third-party systems, and streamlined payment processes.

The Office 365 Timesheet app is available in 3 variants – Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Standard Variant – The standard variant of the Office 365 Timesheet app is offered absolutely free-of-cost and allows an unlimited number of users to access unlimited timesheets.

Professional Variant – Customers can use the Office 365 Timesheet software from Ignatiuz to access all of the functionality available in the Standard variant, as well as these additional features, such as the ability to export large reports in a single tap, the generation of monthly and yearly reports, and priority email and phone support.

Enterprise Variant – Users have access to all of the features available in the Professional version, as well as a lot more other features too. This Microsoft Timesheet app gives teams access to features like Power BI, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Project integration. Users can also request custom features to tailor the Office 365 Timesheet app to their specific needs. This version also allows integration with QuickBooks and Smartsheet.

The Ignatiuz’s Office 365 Timesheet software is loaded with all the required features and is cost-effective, making it the best timesheet app. Choose the variant as per your budget and business requirements.


The time tracking software increases team efficiency​ fosters confidence and reduces time spent surfing the internet. Furthermore, you can get a clear view of your overall business activity with validated analytics to optimize business processes using time tracker tools. The employee timesheet app makes it easier to monitor precise work hours, invoice customers or programs, and even pay a salary based on actual hours worked. It also aids in the development of a productive and effective teamwork habit.

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