How to Choose The Best Timesheet Software For The Best Benefit

Most business owners know how important it is to keep track of how employees spend their workday — this data will, in fact, will help you allocate the right resources to different projects, compensate employees proportionately during the year-end appraisal, and manage shifts, among other things. If you currently use an outdated time tracking method, like punching cards, Excel sheets, or time clocks, it’s safe to say that you can benefit significantly from investing in timesheet software. 

What is a Timesheet Software?

Timesheet, or time tracking, is used by companies to help employees record the total number of hours they worked in a day, for payroll, operations, or billing purposes. The software, essentially, captures the exact amount of time your employees spend working on various tasks that are assigned to them. When used in the right manner by all employees, employee timesheet software can provide you valuable insights regarding which tasks take a lot of time to complete and can, thus, help you plan budgets and allocate the right amount of time for different tasks.

Why Businesses Need Timesheet Software

Truth be told, not all employees will report their time spent on work activities accurately. In fact, a good number of employees exaggerate the number of hours they’ve worked. This is especially true in the case of companies that don’t use an employee timesheet app. Given that this issue can actually cost you money, it’s important that you invest in the best timesheet app. 


The best timesheet apps have a user-friendly interface, which will help motivate your employees to log the time they spend on different tasks. A clean interface offers all the required information to the user on one tab, is easy to navigate, and doesn’t impact your focus with unrequired information and details. 

Flexible reporting:

Having your employees use timesheet software to record their work hours is really of no use if you cannot visualize the data in an efficient manner. So, good timesheet software, like the Office 365 timesheet app by Ignatiuz, offers flexible reporting capability.


In today’s digital world, it’s important that your employees are able to record their time when they are on the go. Your employee timesheet app should allow employees the option to log into the platform and record their work hours, regardless of whether they are working from home, at a client’s site, or on a business trip. So, make sure to check whether the timesheet software has a mobile-friendly version.


Timesheet software, like the Microsoft Teams time tracking app, are scalable. What this means is that the software should offer increased capability as your company and requirements grow. So, make sure to check if you can scale it by adding custom fields that pertain to different business needs, and so on. If the software is not scalable, you may want to consider other options. 


Does the timesheet software you’re considering work on various platforms? It’s important that the software can be integrated into the current digital environment that your company uses.

Features to Look For While Choosing Timesheet Software

Choosing the right timesheet software is not the easiest of tasks. Many employee timesheet apps, today, offer various features from location tracking to invoicing. That’s why it’s important that you consider the needs of your business when choosing the software. Solutions like the Office 365 time tracking software, typically, work well for almost all companies given that they are customizable and offer excellent support to organizations. Here’s a look at a few features that you should take into consideration when choosing timesheet software.

Other Ways to Choose Timesheet Software For Your Business

Apart from the above-mentioned features, make sure to also consider the following points as well:

  • Whether the timesheet software can be customized to fit with the payroll system your company uses. 
  • If the reports that you get from the employee timesheet software can be used for government audits when needed. 
  • If the employee timesheet app should provide data records that you, the managers, and the employees can access at any time.
  • Whether the timesheet software allows you to view and manage your employees’ key performance indicators, so you are able to make the necessary adjustments to the work process as and when required. 

Features of Timesheet App from Ignatiuz

Ignatiuz’s timesheet app is one of the best time tracking solutions available right now. Here are some of the key features of the timesheet software from Ignatiuz:

  • The software allows companies to create unlimited tasks and projects within the SharePoint platform, and is, thus, scalable since it can meet your requirements as your organization grows. 
  • Employees can record the number of hours they spend on different tasks and submit it in the form of a weekly report, which managers can then peruse. 
  • The Office 365 timesheet app from Ignatiuz is available for both iOS and Android platforms. 
  • Tracking the contributions of different employees on a daily basis can be very time-consuming, especially for high-level managers. Ignatiuz’s Microsoft Teams time tracking software, thus, gives managers the option to view employee timesheets in a digital format from anywhere and at any time. 
  • The time tracking software comes with an option to segregate work hours into non-billable and billable categories. This is extremely useful, especially during performance appraisals. 
  • Ignatiuz’s timesheet software also offers robust and accurate reporting for individual projects and tasks. This gives the stakeholders in your organization good visibility into the performance of different employees. 
  • The software is also available in three different variants — Standard, Professional, and Enterprise — with different levels of features and price points, so you can choose whichever option is best suited to your needs. 


There is no doubt that employee timesheet software can help increase the productivity of your workforce and offer better transparency to business owners. If you want to know how Ignatiuz’s timesheet software works, which variant you should use, or how the software can help your business, reach out to our SharePoint timesheet software consultants at Ignatiuz!

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