How to Plan, Schedule & Track Your 8-Hours Work Using Employee Timesheet App

Employee Timesheet App is the ideal assistant software for users who want to easily track their time, expenses, and receipts.

  • Quickly track your time spent on clients, projects, and tasks.
  • Track expenses precisely and create expenditure sheets on the glide.
  • Timesheet app that makes time tracking easier and faster. It automatically syncs data to the web, freeing you from the confines of your desk.

Time Tracking is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Time tracking facilitates the creation of better workflows – Tracking time at work provides executives, managers, and employees with the true costs of business management, including pivotal time entry data.
  • Time tracking reveals hidden costs – They can frequently avoid costly overtime payments and project delays by obtaining this information, both of which inflate the true cost of your projects.


Employees are critical assets for any organization. They are the ones that spend their 8-hours a day contributing holistically towards the organization’s short and long-term goals and objectives. They are the ones that play a pivotal role in meetings, as well as anticipating and exceeding client expectations. Thus, employees’ productivity directly impacts an organization’s overall profit, success, and growth.

When we say “employee productivity”, many may come up with differing definitions. While for some organizations, it may mean the quality of the deliverables, for some, it could be the brief amount of time or hours spent on a project or a task, and so on. With these differing definitions, it might get overwhelming to gauge employee productivity and efficiency in the long run, especially when an organization has a versatile and massive workforce.

Efficient work scheduling and tracking work hours are essential for day-to-day operations within an enterprise. Scheduling appointments, meetings, lunches, events, and other activities that require staff members to drop their regular responsibilities for specific time periods is key to having efficiency in a business’ operation. It is necessary for the smooth flow of business; failure to schedule and track daily activities can lead to longer decision cycles, decreased productivity, low team morale, and other issues which can cost organizations revenue. Time tracking is deemed the ultimate way to normalize the employee productivity KPIs and plan for today and tomorrow. In this blog, we will be covering how to plan, schedule, and track employees’ 8-hours of work in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner at length.

Why Time Tracking Is Essential

Before we delve into the deep ocean of time tracking and its multitude of intricacies, let’s understand why time tracking is essential.

For building a database of historical information

Timesheets are the ultimate output of the organization’s time tracking efforts, which essentially track the time spent on each task belonging to a project. Timesheets offer deeper and actionable insights into how productive an employee is at their assigned tasks to serve as historical information to help in future decision-making endeavors. Such real-time information will prove beneficial for organizations in rehashing their project management aspects and enhancing employee productivity and engagement.

Client Billing

Most clients have a billing according to the project deliverables and the time spent for the entire tenure of the project. Organizations can leverage timesheets to derive accurate and data-driven insights and offer clients actual project progress and performance reports to ensure a transparent billing mechanism. Any circumstances where any project deliverables are delayed, a timesheet can precisely state which task is long and why. Such a level of justification can help organizations forge meaningful and mutually beneficial engagements with clients.

Employee Workload Management

Understanding where and how employees are spending their 8-hour workday is crucial for both the organization and the employees. Knowing how the task distribution looks like daily, they can plan their further tasks and projects. With the assistance of accurate timesheet data, they can validate their performance and contribution towards the organization and the specific projects they are currently working on. Similarly, organizations and the key decision-makers will have greater visibility into their individual employees’ contributions and productivity levels. Based on these insights, they can ensure optimal project performance, progress, and delivery. They can also distribute work evenly among the employees for achieving greater equilibrium.

Plan, Schedule, and Track Work Hours Using Employee Timesheet App

Here’s how employees and organizations can plan, schedule, and track their work hours in an easy, quick, and hassle-free manner with employee timesheet software.

Project Creation

Organizations have the liberty to create unlimited projects on the employee timesheet app. Project creation is essential for organizations to ensure greater and 360-degree visibility into the project objectives, deliverables, and timelines. The timesheet application enables creating an unlimited number of projects within the organization’s SharePoint environment so that business-critical information remains safe from data theft and manipulation. Only designated authorities have access to the projects, and they can create tasks and sub-tasks to roll out the project execution.

Team Allocation

Either the project manager or the key decision-maker considers which employees will be working on the designated project and who will be responsible for which deliverables. They can set specified timelines for the employees to adhere to and keep the project implementation smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

Task Assignment

Project managers can create tasks and allocate them to the designated employees. Then, it is up to the employees to create further sub-tasks to have a more streamlined project execution. Tasks are the building blocks of any project, and they can be the key deciding factor for the success or the failure of the project. With the employee timesheet app, project managers have task-level visibility. Such insights help them to steer the project execution in the right direction and address glitches and roadblocks efficiently on the go. In addition, the project manager or the team leads can be appointed as designated timesheet approvers, who will essentially keep a tab on individual employee productivity, and performance. Based on this, employees will be remunerated and appraised.

Time Logs

The timesheet application records details such as the log-in and log-off time of employees, how many hours they were active or idle if they are adhering to the set timelines or not, and flag off any deviation on time to take corrective action to be undertaken.

Timesheet Review

Gone are the days when employers had to go through quite a bulky stack of paperwork or logbooks to ascertain employee work hours, and performance. With an employee time tracking app, this task has become easy, seamless, hassle-free, and can be accomplished in just a few clicks.

Robust Reporting

Timesheet applications also enable employees and employers to derive data-driven and actionable insights and reports to help in the organizational decision-making endeavors. No more blurry, irrelevant, or confusing tasks details. No more unauthentic employee performance claims or biased decision-making.

Why Choose Ignatiuz?

Ignatiuz has been instrumental for over a decade in crafting cutting-edge, and business intent-oriented technological solutions, tools, and platforms to help B2B organizations carve their journey and the path for success, and expansion.

Ignatiuz’s Office 365 timesheet app is the best bet for B2B organizations when it comes to time tracking.

Here’s what is in it for employers.

  • Helps B2B organizations achieve their objectives in an easy, quick, and efficient way
  • Employers can review, approve, reject or add comments to the submitted timesheets on the go for efficient work distribution and constructive feedback for the not-so-great performing employees.
  • The employee time tracking app comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface with built-in administrative features.
  • The timesheet app is easily compatible with a host of operating systems and browsers so that organizations won’t have to worry about investing in additional infrastructure facilities.
  • It helps improve the workflow.

Here’s what is in it for employees.

  • Employees can record the daily tasks that will help them validate their contributions and plan their work ahead of time.
  • The timesheets can be saved as drafts. Employees have the flexibility to make edits prior to the submission.
  • The employee time tracking app comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface with built-in administrative features.
  • Employees can also segregate their tasks as billable or non-billable.
  • Reporting is easy for employees.

Ignatiuz’s Office 365 timesheet application is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions with varying features. As a result, organizations can decide to opt for the correct version or the right set of features.

Do connect with the experts at Ignatiuz for more queries.

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