Save Money and Time by Using Employee Timesheet App

Office 365 timesheet is a widely used application to record how much time an employee spends on tasks or client projects. Before the timesheet software era, businesses used to leverage different methods such as paper, spreadsheets, and online time-tracking software to gauge their employees’ contribution on a daily basis. Now with the advancements in technology, organizations irrespective of their workforce size have replaced paper-based timesheets with office 365-time tracking sheets that are easy to use and maintain.

A timesheet is a data table businesses use to track the time spent by employees on projects or tasks. Timesheets are an inseparable part of the business’s day-to-day operations. While employees must feel their individual timesheets, employers or middle-level managers have to approve them on-time. Any lapse in both of these stages will render the entire concept of timesheets in vain. When done manually, the time tracking might pose certain challenges and there is a high scope for human errors or inaccuracies. Here comes the role of robust timesheet software.

We have compiled 100’s of pages of information and curated a short guide on how you can save money and time by using the Employee Timesheet App and some predominant features of the software to look for.

The benefits of timesheets

Helps the optimum utilization of resources

Timesheets help you track the individual contributions of employees as well as offer you a holistic view of the project-level or business-level operations. They help weed out tasks/projects that exceed turnaround time so that you can make the best decisions on how to optimize those tasks.

Accurate billing

Timesheets are another way to bill projects accurately. With a real-time tracking system, your clients can know the status of their projects. It helps build trustworthy relationships between the organizations and the clients where they can monitor their money being utilized efficiently. The best timesheet app lets them see how much time you dedicate to their projects and serve as proof of how precise your billing is.


Timesheet software is typically used by organizations that use billable hours services. Automated billing can reduce time and money while staircase the revenue upward.

Improve Project management

Timesheets are beneficial for your project management in numerous ways, some of them include:

  • Help identify the areas in which employees need additional training to optimize their performance on each project.
  • Helps measure the overall efficiency of the project.
  • Help track down the availability of employees assigned to a project for easier and efficient task distribution.
  • If an important task is being delayed, the employee tracking software lets you introduce more resources to meet the deadline efficiently.
  • Assist project managers with the cost estimation process and compare them to the real cost of the project during execution.

Save money

  • Timesheets are the best way to know what your employees are up to at any point in time on the given project. By comparing the amount of time they work with the output, you can meter their efficiency level. Some employees may have a harder time learning, so you can figure out who is being productive and who is not. It is great to cut down the unused or inefficient resources of the organization. Thus, it saves you time too!
  • For new hires, the software helps by tracking their job or project performance.

How does the Office 365 timesheet app help businesses up their game?

Office 365 timesheet software allows businesses to have a holistic view of their projects and tasks within the SharePoint environment. Not only it lets you meet your deadlines, rather achieve success within the specified budget. The Microsoft Teams time tracking app is highly scalable for future business use as it grows with the business and its workforce. You just need to keep accurate records. It makes timesheets essential to any successful business.

How to introduce employee timesheet software in your business?

In order to make the timesheet software work, you need to be clear on your purpose.
The way you represent it will determine the feedback. The time tracking software is always built around this foundation.

  1. Educate your employees on the purpose of introducing timesheet software to your business.
  2. Employees may feel like they are not trusted and interpret it negatively. It’s best to be clear about the purpose and ultimate goals from the beginning to evade mistrust and suspicions or noncooperation from employees.
  3. Choose a simple timesheet, which is user-friendly and easily navigable by the employees.
  4. Right training is necessary to ensure that the software is easily accepted by one and all.
  5. Do not be critical about the feedback posted by the employees. Listen to what they have to say about the software

Features of Ignatiuz office 365 timesheet app

Ignatiuz office 365 timesheet software allows businesses to execute multiple jobs within their SharePoint environment. This makes Microsoft Teams Time tracking app scalable for future business and its workforce.

The Office 365 Timesheet software from Ignatiuz includes a host of salient features, including:

  1. It allows robust reporting specific to each task and project. This gives the managers an idea of workforce performance. You may approve or reject the timesheets based on the input and the employee will be notified instantly and they can rectify the corrections. Thus greater transparency.
  2. The same timesheet software can be used for different operating systems within a single company. The office 365 Timesheet app by Ignatiuz is compatible with iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.
  3. The simplified expression of the timesheet makes it easier for organizations and employees to track performance based on daily timesheets, weekly timesheets, monthly timesheets, departmental timesheets, and any other visualizations as per the criteria.
  4. The timesheets can be exported into Excel, CSV, or PSD formats for further review, and analysis purposes.
  5. It assures that the data remains shared and secured at the same time. Office 365 timesheets are stored in secure SharePoint instances. The timesheets can be accessed by authorized entities, which improves privacy and data security.
  6. The employee tracking system segregates employee efforts into billable and nonbillable categories. Thus it works well for payroll management and attenuates the extensive labor on such tasks.
  7. The timesheet software is handy and indulges in 24*7 help and support, irrespective of your business’s location. Customers are able to reach support through phone, chat, or email at any point of time for continuous support.


Many companies are now looking for the options to time tracking tools for the first time. For many, it is a dangerous riddle with fear of unknown results, but the right timesheet software will let it determine its value. But now is the time to trust to introduce timesheet tracking software and help your organization and workforce thrive by it.

To know more about how Ignatiuz can help streamline your existing timesheet process, reach out to us for a free demo.

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