Why You Should Switch From Paper and Spreadsheets to Timesheet Apps

Manual timesheets can be a hassle

A number of organizations track the contributions of their employees in terms of billable and non-billable hours – this data helps managers review the performance of their employees and also helps the payroll team process accurate monthly payments. While the concept of timesheets is quite enticing, the reality is far from it for companies that use paper-based timesheets or spreadsheets to track time. Fortunately, companies can now leverage the Office 365 Timesheet app by Ignatiuz to accurately track time. Want to know how timesheets apps can help your business? Here’s all you need to know! Read on…

No Fraud Regarding Working Hours

Of course, it’s not something that any employer wants to believe their employees are capable of, but the fact remains that some employees may cheat. If your company links the number of hours worked to how much employees receive as payment, you should know that your employees have an incentive to cheat. And, paper-based or spreadsheet-based time tracking is extremely vulnerable to fraud, which means you are giving your employees the means to cheat. You can tackle this challenge by using the Office 365 Timesheet app since it will help your employees log their time accurately and honestly.

Easy to Manage

The Office 365 Timesheet app also makes it a lot easier for your business to manage various employee timesheets. If you use paper-based timesheets or spreadsheets to track time, it’s a given fact that you will need to keep track of and manage multiple time tracking documents.

Reduce Time Wastage

The SharePoint timesheet app can help your employees understand where they are wasting their efforts and labor. This, in turn, can help your organization assist employees so they are able to complete tasks faster. Also, tasks that take a lot longer than necessary to complete can be weeded out as well. Additionally, since the managers in your organization will need to review and approve timesheets of those who report to them, going through one log after another and having to decipher illegible handwriting can lead to a lot of wastage in time. Digital timesheets can solve such challenges.

No Loss of Data

When you use paper timesheets or spreadsheets, there is a chance that data that has been logged may get damaged or lost. If you have a number of employees in your organization, keeping offline timesheets of different employees secure is quite difficult. But, if you use the Office 365 Timesheet app, which is one of the best timesheet apps right now, you won’t encounter such problems since data that has once been logged can be accessed at any time securely, and the data itself will never be lost.

Improves Project Management

Employee timesheet apps are an extremely important tool and can help with project management in a number of ways. This is how timesheet software can help:

  • By tracking the hours of different employees, the software can indicate whether an employee is qualified to take up a new role, project, or job.
  • By analyzing the time usage of different employees, you can determine exactly what skills different employees have and move them to other projects where they may be better suited.
  • Employee timesheet apps can help identify if employees are taking more than the allocated time to complete particular tasks. In such a case, additional training may be required.
  • The SharePoint timesheet app can help managers identify the available work hours of different employees. This makes it easy for managers to distribute workload evenly among different group members.
  • Employee timesheet software helps managers anticipate delays and can allocate additional resources to the project so the completion of tasks is not delayed.
  • Managers can also use timesheets to estimate the expected costs and compare these costs with what was allocated.

Managers Will Not Have to Waste Time Calculating Hours

Since online employee timesheet apps report the number of hours spent by each employee on different tasks that they were a part of, managers will not have to manually calculate the hours taken by different employees for individual tasks. This makes it easy for the management to evaluate the performance of different employees for the end of the year review.

Custom Reporting

Timesheet software can also help with custom reporting. If you need to know exactly how much time employees spent to deliver a particular task, using timesheet software is a lot more efficient than allocating this additional task to someone.

Various Additional Features

Employee timesheet software also offers a number of additional features that can be extremely beneficial for your company. These features include:

  • Saves money for the company: Timesheets allows you to know what your employees are working on. The employee timesheet software tracks the number of hours put in by different employees and compares it with the output produced. Thus, timesheet software will help you spot employees who are performing poorly and are costing your company money.
  • Reduces chances of legal disputes and payroll errors: Inaccurate timekeeping is not just a hassle to rectify. It can also lead to a number of legal issues. So, it’s important that you use a reliable timesheet software, like the Office 365 Timesheet app, to track time. This will help you ensure that your staff are always compensated accurately for their efforts and that your business doesn’t fall into legal hurdles.
  • Helps you keep track of attendance: Whether you are running a small business with less than 10 employees or one that has more than 1,000 workers, it’s tough to always keep track of who is running late and who’s turning up for work at the right time. But, with timesheet software, you can keep track of the attendance of your employees.


Employee timesheet software helps you be a lot more efficient and run your business smoothly. It also saves you time and helps you make good business decisions. But, to unlock these benefits, you need to choose the right timesheet software. Your best bet to streamline the time tracking process for your employees is by using the Microsoft Office 365 Timesheet app by Ignatiuz. Reach out to us today to know more.

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