Office 365 Web Analytics for SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is an extremely useful tool for companies that are looking to store data in a central location on the cloud, and review and share this data with others in a secure manner. Our SharePoint consulting services also help you collect usage data so you are able to perform analytics, without using other tools.

Since the introduction of External Sharing feature and Simple Public facing site in SharePoint Online, many of my partners and customers are asking questions on reports that give details on no. of times a site is accessed, no. of unique users/visitors…basically features related to Web Analytics.

Web analytics, which you can leverage using our SharePoint consulting services, can really help your business since you have complete control over the content. Also, the setup is relatively quick and easy, and you don’t require additional tools or programming knowledge to know how to get analytics reports via SharePoint Online.

Well we can get this kind of reporting out of the box in SharePoint Online itself. Follow the below simple steps to know more.

Step1 : Open any of your Private Site Collection or Public site in SharePoint Online. ( Yes, we have this reporting even for simple public website in SPO 🙂 )

Step2: Your Private Site Collection URL will be:

  • Replace Pages/Default.aspx with _layouts/usagedetails.aspx and you will see the below screen
  • Make the similar URL changes to the public facing site in SPO and you will get report for it.

Step3 : Now as you know the URL, create a HyperLink on your Private SharePoint Site and get access to the report anytime 🙂

Benefits of SharePoint Online for Office 365 Web Analytics

As the number of businesses that use the cloud is increasing on a daily basis, cloud-based services like SharePoint Online are becoming increasingly popular. Microsoft SharePoint Online helps companies set up a secure and centralized space for document sharing and editing. One of the key benefits of using SharePoint Online is that it offers you analytics capabilities as well. Our Microsoft SharePoint consultants can help you make the best use of web analytics. Read on to know the key benefits of using SharePoint Online for web analytics purposes:

Businesses can access reports from anywhere, at any time

Perhaps one of the key benefits of using web analytics on SharePoint Online is that you can access analytics reports from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have a device that can connect to the internet. This means you can view and create analytics reports from your smartphone or tablet. Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting services experts can help your teams learn how to access SharePoint reports remotely.

SharePoint Online makes it easy for you to share reports

Our Microsoft SharePoint consultants will also advise you on how you can go about sharing analytics reports with your team in a hassle-free manner, using SharePoint Online. You even have the option of embedding your reports into a secure link, and you can also share your reports via email after exporting them to a CSV or PDF format. Additionally, you can schedule your SharePoint Online reports so it reaches the intended recipients in a secure manner at the right time always.

SharePoint Online web analytics makes it easier to migrate to Office 365

Migrating to Office 365 becomes a lot easier when you leverage web analytics. If you are planning a migration or wish to improve the level of adoption post your migration, web analytics on SharePoint Online will provide you intelligent insights during each step of the process. Our expert SharePoint consultants at Ignatiuz can help make this process easier for you.

SharePoint Online includes a number of pre-built web analytics reports that can make it immensely easy for your business to analyze different aspects of the site collection. This can be extremely useful when you need to create internal reviews. Using web analytics through SharePoint Online also means you don’t have to use numerous other analytics software, thus helping your business save time and money.

Happy Reporting!!..

If you would like to use web analytics on SharePoint Online and leverage this feature to benefit your business or use any other SharePoint consulting services, reach out to our team of SharePoint consultants at Ignatiuz today.

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