The Significance of Online Permit Portal Now More than Ever

Digitalization has taken the world by storm and has been growing in leaps and bounds with every passing year. With the growing penetration of the internet and an increasing number of people becoming technologically savvy across the world, every aspect of our lives is becoming technologically driven. This includes permit and license applications and renewals through online permit portals.

Imagine the time when the only option for application and renewal of permits was restricted to offline processes. Cut to the post-2020 era when the entire world is restricted to their homes and imagine what would have happened if these processes were not available online. More so, when licenses have to be renewed urgently during a lockdown situation.

Even in a world that is devoid of the coronavirus pandemic, e permitting portals score way over offline processes. The online process lacks the tediousness of visiting government agencies and overcoming the imminent bottlenecks. At times, one may need to visit these offices multiple times throughout the course of the application and registration process, followed by annual visits for renewals. Why visit a place for something that can now be easily completed online, irrespective of your geographical location, right? Most importantly, such processes often lack transparency and work efficiency, unlike online processes, leading to unforeseen and unexplained delays.

Now, let’s take a look at the various benefits of an online permit portal for permit and license applications.

Easy and time-saving application procedure

An online permit portal introduces the digital advantage to the permit and licensing process. We have left the days far behind when the only way for initiating this process was to head to the nearest licensing office. That meant traveling to and fro from the office, figuring out the processes one has to undergo there, talking to relevant people to get things going, and so much more. All this indicated taking out time for each of these.

With an e permitting portal, you can get started by visiting the website of your regulatory board and creating a profile. To create a profile, you need to mention the required details like name, address, and age. Filling up this basic information is followed by uploading certain documents as proof like background verification, school degrees, test scores, and personal preferences. You can then submit the application. In case you have overlooked filling up a blank space or have missed uploading a mandatory document, you will be immediately notified about the same.

Once you have completed filling up all the mandatory fields, you can enter the details about payment and then hit on the ‘apply’ option. You will receive a notification through email informing you of the application being under review. The email will also mention a tracking link that you can use to keep a track of the application status.

Register once approved

After you click on the submit button, your application is automatically directed to the relevant regulatory agent. It doesn’t take the agent a lot of time to go through the form or the submitted documents because everything is at hand. Once every detail is carefully vetted by the agent, he/she gives the application a go-ahead for registration.

Next, the agent goes back to the cloud-based dashboard for generating reports for his/her manager. Even that is not time-consuming as all the necessary information is available right at his/her fingertips.

Quick registering procedure

You can now expect another email from the online permit portal informing you that your application to register has been accepted. But…wait! You will have some more forms to fill up. Click on the link provided in the email to access these forms and fill them up carefully. Finally, it is time for paying the online registration fee. Once done, all your permit and license application process is complete in all respects.

Hassle-free renewal

After the lapse of a year of the work license, you will be notified about the same through an email by the digital permit portal. This implies that you will have to repeat the procedure that you had undertaken last year – fill up the application forms, upload the necessary documents, and pay the registration fee.

This time, the ‘necessary documents’ mean proof that you have complied with the norms by completing the required education hours. Other documents include a repeat of the ones that you had uploaded the previous year. If your office address has changed in the last year, make sure that you update the form with the new address. Finally, make a payment for the online membership fees.

Like during the registration process for the previous year, this year too your application will be routed to a regulatory agent. This will be notified to you via email and you can track the status of your license renewal through the link provided in the same email. Once the verification process is complete, the work license renewal will be approved and you will be notified about the same by the online permit portal.

No paperwork required

Apart from the hassle-free nature of the application and renewal procedures of licenses, it is a relief that the entire process is free of paperwork. This is not just relevant to the era of digitalization that we live in, it is also important during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when social distancing is of great significance, lack of paperwork rids people like you to go out for work licensing procedures that can easily be done from the comfort of your home. What’s more, it rids the scope of transmission of the virus through paper.


Securing licenses through online permit portals win hands down over the offline procedure. Ignatiuz’s digital permit portal is equipped to assist individuals with road opening permit, grant planning and zoning permit, building permit, and tree removal permit online in the US. So, stay in your comfort zone – coronavirus or not – and let Ignatiuz’s online portal help you out with your permit requirements.

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