Common Data Service – An overview

“Common Data Service” (CDS) is a service similar to “database service” or “SharePoint List” or “Postgres”.
The difference is CDS a secure cloud-based technology for developers who want to do rapid development. CDS offers low code technology to develop a business application. Its cloud-based data modeling technology helps to build an application quickly.
CDS is already in use since a long time now, especially in the field of dynamics customer engagements or sales & marketing or as first party applications.
Now the question is why CDS and why not “database service” or “SharePoint List” or “Postgres” as they all are same?
And the answer is CDS offers special additional features which make day to day operation easy.
Though SQL server or SharePoint List or Postgres database has great features, but when need is quick development and advance features then CDS is the best option.
Because it’s much more than just a database service. It assists to define business logic/rules and workflow that enables you to easily build and extend applications through services like PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow.
One of the great features is CDS permits integration with other data service or applications. It not only gets connected easily but also support smooth data import from almost all the Microsoft platform like Azure, SharePoint, Dynamic 365, Office 365.
Not only this, it even collaborates wells with other non-Microsoft platform like Salesforce, Twitter and Facebook and many more.

Common data service

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