“UI Flow” Automation that works for you!

UI Flow (preview) recently got added to Microsoft Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow), first ever RPA offering from Microsoft announced during MS Ignite 2019.  

One of the biggest challenge organizations are facing is converting pen and paper processes to automatic business process.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has rapidly become a key technology to address many of these situations, but it requires a patchwork of automation services that need to be integrated before the real work can be done.

UI flow new feature

Power Automate simplifies these scenarios through automation platform.

UI flow is a simple and familiar point-and-click, low-code experience that makes it easy for users to turn manual tasks into automated workflows by recording and playing back human-driven interaction with software systems, moreover it also works for those system which don’t have API automation. 

With UI flows, customers can record step-by-step UI actions such as mouse clicks, keyboard use, and data entry, and then replay those actions.

  • Automate in a single platform across apps and services, even for those who don’t have APIs
  • Customize, build, and manage UI flows scripts in a secure cloud environment
  • Leverage a low-code experience with a step-by-step record and play back experience
  • Seamlessly integrate UI automation with API-based automation by combining UI flows with regular flows


So now let’s take a look how UI Flow Works. 


UI Flow can automate two types of user interface that is: 

  • Desktop Applications in Windows 
  • Web Applications or web sites


UI flow desktop app - web

UI flow in desktop application supports variety of windows applications like MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook and any 3rd party custom applications. 

Web UI Flow support any web sites. 


Desktop Applications:

In desktop applications, for the first time, users have to record the activity performs and then flow automatically performs the same activities as and when required. 


As you click launch recorder, it will record all the activities user performs and once you are done, you can stop. You will find the control on the top of screen as below snapshot.


When you go back to UI Flow you will see all the activities recorded. 


You will get the text now button when you click next, to test the flow. Then Save and exit.

Now you can see, by using UI Flow, how easy it becomes to automate your day to day business activities which is done by legacy applications, even if it does not have any APIs. 

Power Automate and UI Flow saves lot of your time and provide more accuracy, without writing any code. 

If you would like to learn more about how Power Automate and UI Flow can help your business processes, please send me a note at rajesh.lohar@ignatiuz.com.