A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best PPE Inventory Management Solution

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a tough year for all of us due to the COVID-19 pandemic in some or the other way. And the knock-on effects of not having enough PPE are obvious. Without proper protection, people’s safety are at risk in the ongoing scenarios of pandemic. It’s not about pandemic alone, PPE kits are widely used for multiple reasons. Given your industry type, maintaining tracks of PPE is necessary to ensure you are never running low on supply. Equally, blocking a huge capital to make sure you have enough of the supply has its own set of challenges. For the medical industry, millions are tied in the capital for buying PPE. Of course, you need a storage area to handle stock too!

Investing smartly in a PPE Inventory Management Software is better than spending that capital elsewhere. PPE inventory and monitoring system offers solutions to strike a balance between the actual demand and inventory of the PPE. The entire process remains hassle-free based on your unique business needs and usage. PPE management software is pivotal to manage large inventories.

Even Governments are spending a large sum on buying PPE from suppliers from various nooks and corners of the world. But without efficient tracking, it is going to be difficult. Some hospitals may receive their correct supply of PPE, while others may not. The software makes it easy to track and restock PPE inventories while eliminating the need for manual labor.

Besides, a check on the right amount of resources to ensure PPE wastes is done by a tracking system. It not only monitors usage, checks equipment status but also provides people with real-time data at any point.

Features to look for in PPE Inventory Management Software

When it comes to PPE Management System, the software works the same as other assets management software. However, in the case of management of medical PPEs, extra care has to be taken to ensure PPEs are not damaged due to negligence or improper handling and storage. Different PPEs require different management criteria. For instance, a ventilator requires more than just a quantity recheck. What if you may want to know when it was last maintained?

A good equipment inventory and monitoring system will sort all your queries in just a click.

Real-Time Personal Equipment Monitoring System

A one-in-all intuitive inventory management software will let you manage PPE inventory in real-time.

Helps screen barcodes and QR codes

By scanning barcodes and QR codes of different PPE products with the software, most of the manpower required on-site can be reduced significantly.

Safety checks

The software should be able to identify in real-time if jackets, gloves, masks, and other protective equipment is worn by the employees entering premises or high-risk areas where the equipment is required.

Customized Reports

The demand for PPEs has kept increasing in this pandemic and hospitals are left with not enough PPE including masks and shields due to improper PPE stock management software. Based on your hospital needs, PPE distribution records should be fairly maintained by the software.

Centralized Database

When looking for PPE Management software, ensure that you get all accurate data at all times. Centralized data storage ensures easy audit every time, thanks to quick data access and retrieval.

Easy-to-read information

The software should be able to present the information in a format so easy that anyone can quickly view the status of PPE stock availability. Interactive reports help the management understand patterns and trends for strategic purchase decisions in the future.

Tell-Tale storage conditions

PPE software should provide users with critical data on how much stock can be stored and where it can be stored. The extra stock should be warehoused in proper conditions so as to ensure they are not damaged.

Tell-Tale storage conditions

In times like this, the business needs to have adequate PPE supply all the time. It is better to have enough PPE than having no stock and paying gigantic penalty charges and putting people at risk. Maintaining and regulating PPE inventory stock can be mind-boggling for individual businesses, which is why you need to invest in a PPE management system. What we provide you is a lot more than an asset management software. Ignatiuz’s PPE management software is equipped with all the critical features you may ever want to have in an ideal PPE inventory management system. Not only it shrinks your burden, it keeps your employees’ and clients’ safety a priority.

By now, we have collaborated with a few global giants and are taking care of their essential and medical needs in fighting the pandemic. Our software is easy to use and streamline all processes to manage PPE stock levels without breaking a sweat.
It helps you:

  • Read Barcodes and QR codes
  • Create Customized reports
  • Generate Low stock alerts
  • Customized tracking option
  • Remote accessibility
  • Provides Real-Time Data Accessibility

Our PPE Management System gives you a total review of your stock and PPE utilization at each step with cutting edge proficiency in inventory tracking. This provides you critical knowledge and data at any point in time so you can make the best decision at the apt time.

Managing PPE Inventory with Microsoft Power Platform

Ignatiuz offers one of the best PPE inventory management software solutions to help business owners scan and identify the materials that need to be stored, update the quantity of the PPE required directly through the app, and search the required PPE quickly as the product images are available in the app itself.

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Microsoft Power Platform consists of four products Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents. Power BI is used for high-level data analysis using multiple sources. Power Automate helps reduce manual tasks with the power of smart automation. Power Apps is used for building powerful mobile apps. Power Virtual Agents is for developing engaging and intuitive chatbots to enhance user experience and support. Microsoft Power Platform helps in the digital transformation of businesses by helping them develop futuristic solutions with ease and to automate various processes to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

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