Organize & Share Your Project Files Instantly Using Program Management Tool

A huge part of successful project management is the streamlined file sharing across multiple platforms during the development of the project. A file-sharing system is imperative to keep the communication on, minimize the setbacks, and ensure the success of the deliverables. Using effective file sharing, a project manager facilitates external collaborations and team access to up-to-date information while allowing the management and stakeholders to participate in the project. File sharing keeps everyone on the same lane by ensuring that all people are using the same data for taking crucial decisions.

File-sharing in Project Management

File sharing is the sharing of data, digital media, documents, and other electronic files from one person or computer to another. Simply put, file sharing is the exchange of company information among team members and departments. The type of access could either be public or private so that different team members can read or view the file, edit or modify it, copy it, or print it.
Organize & Share Your Project Files Using Program Management Tool

Just to ensure the privacy of the company’s assets, file sharing is controlled through different levels of security in the project management. When a large number of people are associated with the project, there is a need to protect and secure the data for various loopholes that may come along with it.

The most widely used techniques for file storage, sharing, and transmission include:

  • Removable storage devices including USB drives
  • Hyperlinking documents through SharePoint sites or websites
  • Centralizing file sharing server installations on networks, such as company server
  • Using distributed peer-to-peer networks, such as cloud-based project management software

Now that technology has evolved, organizations have switched from physical storage devices like hard drives and USB drives to cloud-based program management tools or web servers. The best advantage of using cloud-based servers is that they only allow authorized users to access files from their computers, smartphones, or anywhere the internet access is.

The Lurking Advantages of Sharing Project Files

Okay, so you want your project to go successful with improved team cooperation and work. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the triumph of a project is the team members and stakeholders ( who are working on it) communicate and collaborate successfully.

There are sheer benefits that sharing files with your team leads to, such as:

  • Better ideas within the team when there is a communication gap that fills out
  • Faster progress
  • A more well-rounded team
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Greater employee retention
  • Builds trust with the stakeholders
  • Improved brand image

Why Should You Use a Program Management Tool for Sharing Your Project Files?

Program management tool with file sharing features allows you to share project files with internal and external stakeholders as and when needed, directly within your project system.
Other potential benefits you get along the process include:


By sharing files using a project management tool, you have control over who can read, edit, and print the project’s data. Granting access is particularly important when you are uploading files to a third-party platform and you want to assure safety measures. Additionally, the best program management tool will offer virus scanning when you download files from them to maintain the security of the data.

Centralized data

Not to mention that data needs to be centralized for others to access to make timely decisions. When files are shared using emails or other versions, it is difficult to track which is the updated file and the history of edits or approvals. Program management tools, on the other hand, ensure that changes are recorded and visible across all the stages.

More space

On many platforms, often file size limitations restrict the teammates from sending large files. They are mandated to compress the file or create an FTP server or deliver them using removable storage. Potentially, it is not viable to use any of these when you have large file types. File sharing through program management software compresses all these problems for you by lifting the file size limitations.

Reduces costs

If you are using a program management tool, all the data or file is stored on the cloud, which means that you do not have to invest your time in another file sharing option. Because files are shared through internet connectivity, there’s no need to maintain expensive extra storage space for sharing and saving files.


By incorporating a program management tool, you can always attach files to the tasks they belong to. This provides information to the viewers on why this particular file has been shared with them and thus saves time on locating the purpose of the ‘file shared’. Due to the history tracking feature, they can always locate changes and edits.

Greater accessibility

Imagine what happens when the person who has the copy of the file you need is on vacation or quits the organization. Of course, you cannot hold the entire project waiting for him to come and share the necessary files with you.

Using a program management tool solves this troubleshoot for you. When your files are saved on the tool or within your software, anyone can be granted access rights for security purposes. You can add or remove the grant access as per your need, in case the situation falls so. Moreover, the accessibility feature lets you access files from anywhere on the go as long as you have internet access and a mobile device to use the software.

Make The Most of Your Project Management Tool for File-Sharing

A good file-sharing system is an essential part of a project management tool that builds communication, and encourages team spirit, and reduces setbacks. While you get your program management tool for file sharing purposes, there are numerous benefits you can bring along with organizational growth.

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