Many testing technique are performed manually during software test life cycle. Black box is one of the testing techniques to verify software without known internal behavior and structure of code of program by software tester. In other words it’s a testing technique to test a code of program thoroughly. Black box testing falls under manual testing. It’s done by tester manually. In this technique tester only focus on given input and expected output. Black box testing can performed to each and every level of testing methodology. In black box testing, tester no need to internal knowledge of the program of code. Main purpose doing black box testing is to testing functionality of program whose workings or not, given input is matched expected output or not as per requirements of software. Making software is easy to accessible by end users, user friendly or not. The main goal of black box testing is to make sure that the software or application under test is bug, defect and error free and software or an application is working as per requirement specification document. In black box testing Software tester takes role as an end user to test the software application. Many tester use QTP for functional and regression testing and use load runner for nonfunctional testing.

Black box testing is also called eye-to-eye testing. Using black box testing you can test any software and application or website. Black box testing is time consuming. To execute the test cases every time tester required same amount of time. Black box testing can be used in both small and big applications and software’s. The main advantage of black box testing is it’s covered in minimum cost instead of automation. Black box testing is very easy to learn and easy to understand for tester.

Black Box

Figure shows the process of Black Box testing.

Three types of Black-box as below:

  1. Non-functional testing
  2. Functional testing
  3. Regression testing
  1. Non-functional testing: Non-functional testing is a type of black box testing. Nonfunctional testing is not based on requirements. In non-functional testing a software tester to test the performance of the software, usability of the software product etc.
  2. Functional testing: Functional testing is also a type of black box testing to test the software products under the specific requirements which come from clients or stockholders and match expected outputs respected to inputs.
  3. Regression testing: After executed test cases tester verify the functionality of the program. If expected output will not coming with respected to given input so, software tester will report the defect with description to the developers for fixing. After fixed defect developer report to tester to retest the functionality.

Black box testing is less reliable and slower rather than automation. But using black box testing, we find hidden information of functionality. Sometimes we didn’t judge color codes and gradients when using black box testing. It’s correctly done by automation. Black box testing is normally used for validation.

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