Bug Life Cycle

A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, mistake, fault or failure in a computer program that produces incorrect or unexpected results. Most bugs arise from mistakes or either from the program’s source code or its design.

The Life cycle of the bug can be discussed in below points:

  • The bug has been found and locked in the tracking system; it will be treated as New Bug in the system.
  • The bug is then assigned to the concerned developer for resolution and for knowing its cause.
  • The developer looks in to the possibilities of resolving and tries to fix it completely.
  • Tester validates the resolved issues and he checks for the regression scenario.
  • If the issue is found to be fixed then he choose to Close the issue else he will Re-open the same.
  • The cycle follows for the re-opened issue till it gets closed.

Note: Confirm all the bugs of severity 1 and 2 against final build for the release. Happy Testing…!!!!

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