Jira – Smart Software for Tasks/Issues management

There are many project management software’s are available in the market for managing the projects like Basecamp, ActiveCollab, Jira etc. Jira is a project management software that can be used for the issue and bug tracking. It is developed by Atlassian. Jira Provides many functionalities to manage your bugs and issues but first, you should have an account of Atlassian to access Jira software.

First, create your own project, give the name and start the project.

  1. In below screen, see the board section, on board section, you can create tasks and issues and this issues/tasks will show in summary section also you can see the status of the tasks/issues on board section.


2. All the activities like the status of the issue are shown in the summary section. In summary, you can see issue status of all the tasks and issues.


3. In the issues section, you can customise the issues/task. you can edit the description of the task, assign the task/issue to someone, change the status of the task/issues, put the comment on the task/issues, also you can drop files for specific task/issues.


4. Below the screen is showing how can you assign the task to someone.


5. In below screen, see how can you assign the task with description and priority of the task and when I clicked on update button it will show with updated data. see below screen.


6. In the below screen, you can share the issues by emailing other users.


7. Below, you can print and export the data about task/issues into XML and Word.


8. Below, you can invite your team, just enter the email id to share information about the issues/tasks.


9. If you want to create reports so Jira provides you to create different types of reports for issue management.

  • Average Age Report
  • Created vs. Resolved Issues Report
  • Pie Chart Report
  • Recently Created Issues Report
  • Resolution Time Report
  • Single Level Group By Report
  • Time Since Issues Report


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