Software Testing Life Cycle

What is STLC?

STLC stands for Software Testing Life Cycle. It is an integral part of Software development life cycle (SDLC). You might be thinking how it is different from SDLC? Let’s have a brief idea of STLC. The testing cycle is initiated from the first phase of the software development cycle. If a quality product needs to be delivered on time, then the best approach is to involve the testing team from the requirement phase, so that the bug can be rectified as early as possible.

The cycle starts from requirement understanding and ends with the test closure activity. After completion of every phase, a deliverable is achieved. Let’s understand, how the complete testing process can be carried out?

  • The very first phase of software testing is Requirement Analysis in which application knowledge and details are collected, priorities and focus area, are decided as well as the List of requirements is created.
  • On the basis of requirements, Test Planning is performed by creating a test plan document in which all the major aspects are covered like how much time will it take to test the application? How many numbers of testers are required? How many test cases should be written? What are the roles and responsibility? The test plan document should cover all the above questions which are a deliverable of this phase.
  • Talking about the next phase Test Design, in which test scenarios are designed and test cases are created for each scenario. The test scenarios and test cases are the deliverables of test design phase.
  • Execution of all the test cases comes under the phase Test Execution & Reporting. This is one of the important phases of the testing process in which bug report is created. The bug report is a report which consists all the major and minor issues along with their priority and severity.
  • Now the final activity is Test Closure. This activity is a summary of the entire testing process performed during the testing lifecycle. In this activity a sign off document is created which is a detailed document from the testing team, it contains the summary report of the test coverage and the status of the known bugs stating that a final product is ready for the delivery to the client.

If the time frame is less and the deadline is nearby than the tester has to select and focus on the important phases only. According to me for complete testing, one should follow the process of software testing life cycle.

STLC is an important phase in any application development to provide a quality product. If you want to know more about the STLC, contact us today at +1-484-876-1867 or send us a message.


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