7 Perks of AI-Enabled Process Discovery

It is surely not a cakewalk for businesses to undertake their automation voyage, and a bumpy ride can be another daunting hindrance for organizations, especially if they lack the necessary expertise over the RPA model. However, fret not as process discovery comes to the rescue for all such businesses by offering a comprehensive blueprint of both the repetitive and mundane tasks as well as the intricate processes. Process discovery helps obliterate the need for human intervention and it acts as a robust catalyst that alone makes the entire system a lot more reliable, fast and cost effective.

Also, mentioned below are seven phenomenal perks that process discovery offers

Enhanced Productivity

Process discovery can seamlessly upgrade all the prevalent automation efforts and can help bring in several ancillary business processes under the RPA umbrella. Automating the intricate and time-consuming, albeit cardinal business functions can in turn help augment the overall productivity of employees and the organization at large as automation helps look after the otherwise mundane tasks.

Eliminating Roadblocks

One extremely crucial role that process discovery has is recognizing the unsolicited bottlenecks in a process prior to automation. Such roadblocks can drastically hamper smooth workflow, thereby causing unnecessary delays. Process discovery helps automate all such tasks, making the entire process a lot more faster without the need for human intervention.

Greater Transparency

Process discovery can efficiently make all the complex business processes a lot more transparent using computer vision. This helps businesses attain end-to-end transparency with regards to their processes, which they can then tune in seamlessly with RPA.

Augments Scalability

Scaling RPA implementation depends upon data analysis, and this is undoubtedly a Herculean task if done manually. However, automated process discovery again comes to the rescue as it helps organizations make the right decisions regarding processes that are yet to be automated. Therefore, process discovery ensures harmonious process performance via automation, thereby using minimum time and resources.

Magnifies ROI

Process discovery ensures maximized ROI from automation programs as it scrupulously captures all the granular empirical data that is required for better business process maps, and it thereby helps enterprises identify all the minuscule nuances in an existing process, thereby automating the process accordingly.

Ensures Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Process Discovery in RPA enables enterprises to identify actions performed in a particular process and to evaluate how those actions are performed. This is extremely crucial in order to check whether the compliance standards are met. Such trivial errors can however take place if humans are kept in the loop. Therefore, automating such steps can ensure end-to-end compliance regulations. This also helps business owners evade hefty penalties in case of any violations.

Upper Hand Over Competitors

Well, there’s no denying the fact that about 80% of companies are still using the conventional manual process mapping, and therefore process discovery and automation gives a one-of-its-kind advantage to businesses with a competitive edge over other players in the market. It can also be the ultimate buffer for organizations to sustain and sail through during periods of disruption such as the recent Covid times when several businesses were abruptly wiped away from the mercantile ecosystem.

Conclusion :

Robotic Process Automation, which is undoubtedly augmenting to heights, shall never attain its true potential if in isolation, that is until and unless organizations successfully implement automation in their business processes, thereby laying the foundation stone for other future process transitions. Also, for the companies that are yet to delve into automation, process discovery acts as the ultimate focal point for all
their RPA initiatives. Process discovery is undoubtedly the golden key that hugely benefits a company by ballooning the overall return on investment. Furthermore, it is important to note that if all the comprehensive and voluminous business data would be handled manually, then it would surely render errors, and would present a rather sterile picture of the reality. Process Discovery in RPA helps capture comminuted data that is commonly turned a blind eye to, and it therefore renders a precise analysis of how processes function sans human interference. It analyzes and bridges the gaps in productivity, optimizing automated business processes to secure the maximum level of automation and sustainability at the lowest cost possible. This real-time, accurate-to-a-tee data assists businesses commence with their automation journey, generating high ROI on RPA. Therefore, process discovery plays an intrinsic role in RPA implementation as the very relationship between these two is complementary and both process discovery and RPA must work in sync to ensure business success.

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