Analytics Report through ScoutFoto

ScoutFoto allows brands to showcase themselves digitally in a very easy manner by watermarking the brand information on the photos. This way, the brand stays with the person for the lifetime and every time the photo is shared with family or friends, the brand gets promoted or even if the person has the photo kept in his drawing room as printed, it is still doing the job of promoting the brand. It leaves a long-lasting impression of the brand.

In the current days, analytics are the most important part of any brand. The brand must be aware of how well the ads are reaching customers or what all areas are being covered with the ads. ScoutFoto helps brands in getting this data through their effective analytics reports. It provides time, date, location with IP address when an image is downloaded, with respect to individual BIB number. It also has pixel tracking of the image so that if any downloaded image is further shared, it tracks where it is being used.

See, a snapshot from the ScoutFoto Analytics.


Similarly, it can also be seen in the reports when a photo is shared on any social media (Facebook Twitter or Email).

A complete map can be seen for download locations of any event in details and shows data when hovered like shown below.


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