Digital Advertising with ScoutFoto

In the current era of Digital World, it has become immensely important that every brand shows their advertising capabilities in Digital mode. The available modes of digital advertising are the Internet, PPC Search ads, Social Media, display boards, email marketing etc. These modes are very much available for a very short span of time or we can say their effectivity is valid for a limited time, which is their negative point.

The impact of the digital ad should be made in such a way that it stays with the visitor for the lifetime. One example of such ad is Digital watermarking, where a brand’s impression lives in an image. It can be in the form of a logo or some proprietary text. Watermarking can also be done in two ways; in-visible watermarking and visible watermarking. In invisible watermarking, the brand information is not visible on the image but stays in the metadata of the image and can be used for tracking, whenever the image is shared across different media. Whereas, visible marketing has the brand impression that lives as an overlay on the image.

The other benefit of the watermarking is to protect the images from stealing image or image information. This way, watermark provides protection to the images together with branding and corporate advertising. This is one of the core reason why a brand should choose the watermarking as their preferred method of advertising.

ScoutFoto allows brands to showcase themselves digitally in a very easy manner by watermarking the brand information on the photos. This way, the brand stays with the person for the lifetime and every time the photo is shared with family or friends, the brand gets promoted or even if the person has the photo kept in his drawing room as printed, it is still doing the job of promoting the brand. It leaves a long-lasting impression of the brand.


The major benefit of using ScoutFoto watermarking is its analytics. It provides time, date, location with IP address when an image is downloaded, with respect to individual BIB number. It also has pixel tracking of the image so that if any downloaded image is further shared, it tracks where it is being used.

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