EXIF Tag – How it works?

EXIF stands for “Exchangeable Image File Format”. It is a standard that specifies the formats of images, sound, video etc. In EXIF data we can store certain information within your photos. This information is known as “metadata” and can include data like the date and time the shot was taken, camera settings like shutter speed and focal length, and copyright information. Below image shows jpeg image EXIF data.


There are certain occasions when you might want to modify or delete certain metadata from your photographs.

Scoutfoto also uses EXIF to write details of a runner on the image.

Scoutfoto gets all the images of runner’s of the event, extract bib number of the runner from the image using Scoutfoto advanced bib recognition software and stores in the database.

With the help of IPTC writer software and Exiftool command, Scoutfoto writes bib number to the metadata tag of an image from the database.


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