SharePoint Business Intelligence (BI)

Microsoft has beautifully emerged Business Intelligence and Business Analytics into SharePoint to transform raw data into useful information. This information can be further used to analyse various factors involved in business like sales, growth, profit, reporting etc. BI tools help to get the dynamic results. The business intelligence capabilities are achieved by combining SharePoint with Microsoft Office or Microsoft SQL Server Capabilities. BI helps your organization to centralize your reports, connections, scorecards, Apps, Site Pages etc.

Business intelligence in SharePoint includes the following features:

  • Excel Services
  • Performance Point services
  • Visio Services
  • Power BI
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
Office BI Strategy

Excel Services

Excel Service helps you to generate reports in Excel. It enables the user to view and interact with the spreadsheet. User can refresh the Excel workbooks in the browser window while he opens the document which will help to get the fresh data, he can schedule the refresh or as needed. With the help of this users can share the centrally managed data that are published to SharePoint. Excel services helps you to display data in SharePoint Site. It helps to collaborate worksheets in real time. User can secure all the parts of the Spreadsheet.

There are Advance Excel & Power Pivot features which will help create dynamic reports easily using tools like Slicers, Pivot Charts and Pivot Tables. It helps to scale hundreds of millions of records via xVelocity engine which is very fast. User can easily connect to multiple data sources which will help to handle and manage infinite number of records very easily.

Excel Web Access web Part enables user to see the whole spreadsheet, he can add require parts or all the parts according to his need from the spreadsheet.

User can generate tables & charts from an HTML table hosted on a web page & export it to a web app & excel file for future analysis.

Bi Center with Power Pivot Gallery
Excel Service Sample Workbook

Performance Point

It is a component of the Microsoft SharePoint Server. It is used to display dashboards in SharePoint. With the help of this user can create rich, context-driven dashboards, reports, scorecards etc. to aggregate data and content. It includes WYSIWYG Dashboard designer which can allow secure access to the limited data by the data managers. User can apply filters to all the components of dashboards. It has a “Dashboard designer” which helps to build the dashboards using SSRS, Power Pivot, Excel, Scorecards and Analytic Charts/Grids. Scorecarding & Analytic Charts/Grids are two great features. It uses the effective username for per user authentication & allows for robust security to the end user. It is can integrate with multidimensional data sources. Various themes are available for designing the Dashboards.

Performance Point Service Application Settings
Sample Dashboard Created By Performance Point

Visio Services

Visio Services are helpful when user wants to create & share the dynamic diagrams with external data connected to it Visio with a highly graphical interface. It provides secure access to the data which will restrict unauthorized users to view the data. These diagrams can be integrated with the SharePoint applications. It is very easy to use. User can upload the diagrams to SharePoint document library. User can view and share all the parts of the diagram. Users can add explanatory comments to a Visio Drawing combined on the web via Visio Services in full-page rendering mode. User can refresh and recalculate data.

Visio Service Settings
Visio Diagram

Power BI

Power BI is the cloud-based service for office 365. It works together with Excel & helps to provide a complete Self Service analytics solution. With the help of Excel user can combine the data in the form of a model and analyze it. User can collaborate and access the reports created in excel. User can easily set up an online gallery to ask the question & get live communicating answers through data visualization. It uses the natural query language. User can access everything from mobile as well.

Power BI Sample

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS is a server-based platform. User can create static as well as parameterized reports. It is built using visual studio. It is accessed via portals. It can be distributed & exported. It helps to create structured reporting. User can fetch the live data from SQL server and generate the dynamic report.

Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint consulting services are crucial to the success of your business. Some of the benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint consulting services include:

  • Helps you and other employees keep track of various documents and also view and access the version history of each document that is on the SharePoint platform.
  • SharePoint consultants help companies maintain a constant stream of communication with their staff.
  • One of the key benefits of Microsoft SharePoint is that all data and reports are stored in a centralized, secure location.
  • SharePoint consulting services help improve collaboration.
  • Microsoft SharePoint consulting services will help your employees stay on top of all the projects they are working on. As a result of this, projects will be completed a lot faster, at lower costs, and with few oversights and errors.
  • Microsoft SharePoint consultants will also help the stakeholders in your company track performance metrics using SharePoint. It’s important to note that SharePoint can tell how different teams are progressing with their tasks, what the sales numbers are, how many contracts wins there have been, and if the projects are compliant in nature.
  • Businesses that are struggling with unorganized data will find SharePoint consulting services to be a boon.

Role of Business Intelligence with SharePoint Consulting Services

SharePoint serves as a central repository for all data and content that’s important to the organization. Given this, SharePoint enables hassle-free communication between employees. Business intelligence is one of the key things that helps companies succeed in today’s competitive market. Business intelligence usually involves things like dashboards, scorecards, and reports that help the management track performance and make decisions quickly. Based on the structure of your company, you may have one person or multiple individuals responsible for business intelligence. Most businesses that prioritize business intelligence will have a BI center, like Microsoft SharePoint since it helps them consume, share, and manage data.

BI centers like Microsoft SharePoint bring processes, people, and data together. SharePoint consulting services helps administrators create and manage data connections, which need authors. The authors, in turn, can use SharePoint to make scorecards, reports, and dashboards. BI content enables managers to review and explore data, and it helps companies make better business decisions. Employee performance can also be tracked through BI centres. If any task needs change, administrators will be able to update the content immediately, so all employees have the latest data in hand. If you want to ensure the success of your business and tackle organizational obstacles in a smart manner, our SharePoint consulting services will be of use.

How to Leverage Ignatiuz for SharePoint Business Intelligence?

We understand that every business is unique, which is why our team of SharePoint consultants will give you custom, tailored advice and help you use the SharePoint platform effectively. Reach out to us for SharePoint consulting services.

Ignatiuz is a Microsoft SharePoint partner. Our expert SharePoint consultants will work with you and your team to understand the way your business functions, and we will pinpoint exactly how SharePoint can help solve any organizational challenges that your company may be facing, and improves your business success.

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