New Features in SharePoint 2016

Document Sharing:

SharePoint 2016 will make the marketing materials & learning tutorials easier for sharing through video sharing portals. Users will have more control of permissions while sharing the links with the extranet users.

Business Intelligence:

BI filters down closer to the users with Power BI in Office 365, and Business Connectivity Services will continue to bring external big data into your domain for analysis.

Content management and compliance:

SharePoint 2016 has come up with Data loss prevention this time. This feature will help to recognize the sensitive data to maintain the business comply with privacy regulations. The files that were downloaded from on premises file shares will be located & enforced for the data retention to protect data loss with the help of Microsoft eDiscovery component.


System integration and capabilities have been improved for higher integration & Cloud Portability. Migration will become easier SharePoint to Office 365 & vice versa which will improve the SharePoint hybrid environments & the coexistence & relationship of SharePoint On premises & SharePoint Online.

Boundaries and Limits:

The maximum content database size, while not yet finalized, is expected to be in the 1 TB range, up from the current maximum of 200 GB. Content databases will be able to hold approximately 100,000 site collections.

Hybrid Implementations:

SharePoint server 2016 has come up with new feature of supporting Hybrid scenario effortlessly. In SharePoint 2013 we were able to provision Hybrid search center by using Query Federation, which used to give us the results from both Cloud & on Premises intranet. The Problem with that was, it used to give two result sets which cannot be refined or filtered simultaneously. The new version has come up with better implementation of Hybrid Search Centers, which will help us getting unified results sets where we will be able to get the content of both the cloud and on premises in a single result set which can be refined & filtered easily.

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