How SharePoint Can Fulfill Your Organization’s Needs

One of the most powerful document management and collaboration systems, SharePoint is used by millions of people across the world. Given that it is a highly customizable platform, it can be used in a multitude of ways by organizations. This adaptability, however, can cause confusion for those who are new to SharePoint. In this article, we explain how you can use SharePoint Helpdesk App and other features to fulfill the helpdesk, or ticketing, software needs of your organization. 

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is essentially a web-based document management and collaboration platform. Being highly flexible, organizations usually use the platform to communicate information to employees and store documents. Companies can use the SharePoint platform to create an intranet, which typically works like a regular website. Users can also create subsites for specific teams or departments using the SharePoint platform. Another key use case of the platform is the SharePoint Helpdesk app, which is a ticketing system. 

Why You Need Helpdesk Software

Most organizations — big and small — require the SharePoint Helpdesk app. 

SharePoint Helpdesk works as a one-stop point of contact, which offers centralized support and information management services, so your organization is able to handle various external and internal queries. SharePoint Online Helpdesk allows your employees to solve customer grievances efficiently and quickly by automating most of the grievance resolution process. The SharePoint Helpdesk app also allows you to process internal requests for IT, HR, accounting and finance, security, facilities support, and legal, in a hassle-free manner.

Thus, the SharePoint Helpdesk app gets your employees and customers the “help” they need, without any downtime. Remember that happy employees and customers are what ensure the success of your business, so it works in your favor to use a Helpdesk system.

Why is SharePoint Perfect for Developing Helpdesk Software

As mentioned earlier, a number of organizations across the globe unanimously favor SharePoint as a platform for their document sharing, collaboration, and project management needs. All you need to access SharePoint is a web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. 

The primary purpose of any Helpdesk or ticketing system is to solve the issues of your employees and customers, and not create new ones. Given this, rather than introducing a new Helpdesk software tool that may not be compatible with your current digital environment, you can build a Helpdesk system using SharePoint. 

Considering the fact that about 85% of Fortune 500 organizations make use of SharePoint, it’s safe to say that the SharePoint platform can be used as a base for developing a HelpDesk system by most companies. 

The primary benefit of using SharePoint is that it offers an incredibly integration-friendly and customizable platform, and companies can even choose to add various flows and functionalities to it. Thus, you can customize the SharePoint Helpdesk app to make it a suitable platform to handle the queries and requests of your customers and employees. 

Customization Capabilities of SharePoint

To serve as a Helpdesk system for your organization, you will need to customize the SharePoint platform. There are two levels of customization you can do — easy customization and complex customization. Easy customization, as the name suggests, can be performed without requiring much effort and time. The admin, however, will need to have technical skills. This level of customization can help you create request forms, attach a particular file to a ticket, prioritize tickets, organize tickets into different groups, and so on. 

The next level of customization is more complicated and is best suited for highly-regulated companies, where analytics and notifications are extremely important. This type of customization will let you generate tickets directly from emails. Further, you can also design support notification templates, enable direct replies to notifications, and integrate the SharePoint Helpdesk app with other software. 

Features Offered by SharePoint Helpdesk

SharePoint is one of the most efficient platforms to create a Helpdesk system from scratch, with minimal effort and budget. Here are a few features that SharePoint Helpdesk offers:

Email notifications:

Your customers or employees who raise tickets will be sent a notification during each stage of the ticket’s life cycle. 

Option to follow-up:

The SharePoint Helpdesk app allows you to create dashboards and follow up with various ticket submitters individually. 

Reporting capabilities:

SharePoint Online Helpdesk also offers extensive reporting capabilities using dashboards that offer data visualization. 

Offers filtering and custom view options:

The SharePoint Helpdesk app also offers custom view and filtering options, which help you identify overdue tickets and upcoming deadlines. 


Does the timesheet software you’re considering work on various platforms? It’s important that the software can be integrated into the current digital environment that your company uses.

Automated workflows:

The software also automates workflows for delegations, approvals, notifications, escalations, and email alerts, thus it reduces the amount of effort that employees have to put in. 

Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Help Desk Solution

The SharePoint Helpdesk app offers a number of benefits to companies such as user familiarity, extensive integration and customization capabilities, 24/7 accessibility, advanced search options, and more. It is, hence, a great platform to build your Helpdesk system on. However, to create the Helpdesk app, your company will need to commit to a large-enough workforce and give the process sufficient time. Given this, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of allocating trained employees, who will utilize their available work hours, to work on the development of the Helpdesk system, we have an out-of-the-box solution for you – the SharePoint Online Helpdesk by Ignatiuz!

How Ignatiuz Can Help

The SharePoint Helpdesk app from Ignatiuz is a ready-to-go solution that will perfectly meet your ticketing system needs. It is available in three variants – Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. All three variants offer different levels of features to help your organization streamline and process the different types of requests and tickets you receive. 

To know more about the three variants of SharePoint Helpdesk or to understand the different use cases of the Helpdesk system, you can reach out to our consultants at Ignatiuz today. 

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