Integrating Team Foundation Server 2010 with SharePoint 2010

Once TFS 2010 installed on your server you need to configure it on the server by giving the existing SQL Server 2008 Instance. When it is successfully configured then you can start working on TFS 2010 in VS 2010. TFS can support sophisticated environments that include reporting, SharePoint integration, and support across multiple domains, distributed databases, etc.

Below are the steps to be followed for integrating TFS 2010 with SP 2010

Step 1
Open Team Foundation Administration ConsoleConfigure Extensions for SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard this will take some time and this will be configured only if TFS is installed properly in the server.

Step 2
Once SharePoint extensions installed properly you need to configure SP 2010 Managed Path for TFS 2010. In order for TFS to automatically create your project portals you need a wildcard managed path setup. This is where TFS will create the portal during the creation of a new Team project.

To find the managed paths page for any application you need to first select the “Managed web applications from SharePoint central admin > Managed web application > select the application > click on managed path” link from the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration screen.

I have given the path as “sites” of type Wildcard inclusion for the website http://yourserver  (You can create site as per your configuration i.e. http://yourserver:port )which I have created for specifically integrate TFS with SP 2010.

Step 3

Open Team Foundation Administration Console. Now we need to configure TFS 2010 connection to SP 2010. Navigate to the “SharePoint Web Applications” section. Here you click “Add” and enter the details for the Managed path we just created.

Step 4

Once we added the managed path details we need to Configure SharePoint 2010 to connect to Team Foundation Server 2010. On your SharePoint 2010 server open the Team Foundation Server Administration Console and select the “Extensions for SharePoint Products and Technologies” node. Here we need to “grant access” for our TFS 2010 server to create sites. Click the “Grant access” link and fill out the full URL to the TFS server, for http://yourserver/sites

Step 5

Once we granted access to the URL now we need to configure the Team Foundation Server 2010 Team Project Collection to create new sites in SharePoint 2010. Click the Edit Default Site Location button. Select our web application “TFSSITE” which we have given as “name” in Step: 2.

Step 6

In our case we wanted to configure a TFS project to an existing SharePoint site. You can manually configure this connection from Team Explorer. Right click the project, select Team Project Settings and select Portal Settings. Next, check the Enable team project portal checkbox in the popup window. Then click the Configure URL button. In the popup windows that appears, select the web application “TFSSITE” that hosts your SharePoint site.

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