Microsoft’s New Enhancement – Flow Launch Panel

Microsoft has announced The Flow Launch Panel new feature at the Ignite 2017 conference that allows you to add values to a flow before it gets executed. Using the Flow launch panel, you can quickly collect feedback by running a flow on-demand that posts a message to Microsoft Teams with a link to the selected item. When a flow is launched, flow can be used the information which will be entered by the user in an inline panel prompt.

Microsoft Flow makes it easy to streamline and automate business processes in SharePoint, across Office 365 and beyond. Flows can run automatically, based on a trigger event, or it can launch for a selected item or document.

Office 365 update – Flow integration with SharePoint online list & library
Microsoft has announced the flow integration for modern SharePoint document libraries and an enhancement to the lists integration with these new features.

  1. Run a flow on demand for a selected file.This flow runs when the user selects a single file in SharePoint Document Library. After selection, it is sent to the manager for approval and feedback.
  2. Run a flow on demand for a selected list item.Just like the Run a flow on demand for a selected file, you can also invoke on-demand flows for individual list items. In this, you need to select the item from SharePoint list and send it to your manager for approval and feedback.
  3. Run flow for a folder.This flow is used when the user wants to save the email attachments to the folder in SharePoint document library or copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint directly from a given folder.

How does this effect?
In Flow launch panel the user can see the updates when the flow is being started. When you create a Flow that uses “For a selected item” in SharePoint Document Library, you will be able to add some input parameters to your flow and use the values provided by the user in the rest of your Flow. These flows also allow actions in Flows to be taken by the people who are starting the flow run. We will see how to create a flow using Flow Launch Panel in our upcoming posts.

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