6 Ways Smartsheet is Helping Businesses in a Versatile Way

The key to successful project management lies in the complete automation of the work. Smartsheet is the only way to plan, organize, manage, automate, and report on work at scale using a cloud-based platform. Smartsheet is one of the most useful project management tools to deploy end-to-end automated workflows and seamless collaboration among teams within a comprehensive organizational strategy, resulting in higher productivity at reduced operational costs.

Besides, indulging in Smartsheet tools for your project management can bring impressive solutions to various complex tasks and give your team a winning edge.

Here are six ways Smartsheet is helpful to business management

Operate your business using a single platform

Organizations, from small to medium to large, can use Smartsheet tools to manage and automate work among different functional units- ranging from employee onboarding to training, invoicing, billing, marketing, and pipeline management. The tool is as simple as using excel so there is no ambiguity in using the functionalities or adapting to the interface.

Prompt responses to market opportunities

With hundreds of pre-built templates and documented use cases, Smartsheets are actually helpful to work on the projects and market initiatives at your speed. Now seize the opportunity on your own without any support from IT but with the inbuilt security features of the Smartsheet tool.

Build processes that support your growth

Now you can create and manage the processes vital for your organization’s growth based on the information that is relevant for you. Smartsheet empowers you and your team to know what’s getting done and by whom on the processes, increasing agility and speed.

More work and less downtime

Now, using a Smartsheet tool you can actually work on various aspects of the process with more efficiency. For a business where project management is crucial to deadlines, it is important to set up task due date reminders and automatic status updates to reduce time spent on redundant work.

Gain insights

Smartsheets come with multiple features to fortify the success rate of project management. Dashboards and summary reports are a great way to let the key people involved in the project- owners, stakeholders, and leadership, get a real-time summary of key performance indicators. By only showing critical information to the right people, we can maintain the security of confidential information and reduce oversharing.

Integration with other applications

Using a smartsheet allows you to integrate apps and enterprise tools seamlessly with your system and aims to provide you with smart solutions for your business processes. This integration and collaboration allows efficiency and productivity because you don’t have to switch from one app to another. Additionally, you can also build your own integration using Smartsheet’s open API.

Features of smartsheet tool

  • Collaboration – Smartsheet makes it easy for you to have files, notes and other project information in just one place for accessibility across all devices and operating systems.
  • File Sharing – You can share files, documents, PDFs, images, and presentations on any sheet.
  • Alerts and reminders- Add automated alerts and reminders for upcoming tasks and tasks status.
  • Dashboards- A single dashboard that lets you access various features of a Smartsheet including in-built templates, user-based reports, task status updates, etc.
  • Secure- Only authorized access to the information ensures the security of data.
  • Scalable- From small teams to enterprise-wide deployments, the tool scales with the organizational needs.

Why Ignatiuz?

Ignatiuz is an IT and web development company that proffers technology solutions to businesses needs across the globe. We aim to bring down the problems that arise out of traditional project management processes like data redundancy, lack of transparency, and many more.

Smartsheet is more than just a collaborative tool with impeccable features like real-time reporting, multiple data views, rich app integration among others.

Our Smartsheet tool has been widely accepted by the organization for automating work across different functionalities.

Here is a case study of the COVID vaccination status of Ignatiuz’s workforce.

“Ignatiuz’s Vaccination Status” is the platform that reflects the vaccination of the team members working and their families. The data visualization reflects the vaccination status across the different teams and their subsequent family members in a concise way. Anyone who has the least knowledge about the Smartsheet can also conclude the purpose of the survey that is being done. Based on the Smartsheet report, the management can draw encouraging and actionable steps about employees’ safety.

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