Inkscape Utility

InkScape is a free open source vector graphics editor. Its native format is Scalar vector graphics (SVG) which is used for illustrations, Drawing, Line arts, Charts, logos and complex paintings & create Bezier curves and pick color from images etc. Some features of InkScape are:-

  • Draw: – Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, polygons, Line, Bezier curves, calligraphic strokes.
  • Color picker tool, Color Selector: – RGB, HXL, color wheel and CMS.
  • Text tool, Multiline Text, Boolean operations.
  • Path simplification, Node Editing, Bitmap tracing
  • Transformations, Z-order operations, grouping objects, alignments and distribution commands.

Now let’s take an example to understand InkScape.

  1. Download InkScape setup from “” and run on your system.
  2. Open InkScape and choose rectangle from left panel. After that select circle and place it in rectangle.
  3. Fill color in rectangle and circle using color picker (F7 key).
  4. Select both the objects and group using Group function (Menu Bar>>Object>> Group).


5. Save it as SVG file format.


6. Now save it in XAML format.


7. Open XAML file in notepad/wordpad. Select full <viewbox> from it and paste in your project to render it.


Benefit of using SVG is your object quality will not get affected on change of resolutions.

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