Customised Vendor Management System

Vendor Management is a system for organizations that are managing their project by bid generation. On Vendor Management system, Administrator owns the right for creating bids and further upload the bid to website. After being published on the website now the bid become public and vendors can view and also register themselves for downloading the bid. With Vendor Management system vendor will always be notified whenever a new bid is uploaded with relevant category for which vendor has registered and vendor will also be notified when any amendment comes in existing bid.

The main purpose of designing Vendor Management system is to easily distribute Bids and their addendum over Internet so that the information about the bid and its updates can reach more agencies.

Vendor Management system has many advanced features to manage projects and vendors. Below are the features of website that are used to manage projects and vendors. This system works around three types of users: Guest, Vendor and Administrator which we have mentioned in below features.

Vendor Management Features

  1. User Registration

Vendor Management system allows the user to register themselves on system with their choice of prefer communication option Fax/Email. If the user is registered with an authentic email address, then this can also be the user name for system and get all notifications on email but if he/she registered by Fax, then user will get notification on Fax number but they cannot login through Fax as user. Vendor Management system also provides a unique feature where guest user can select their choice of categories and they will be notified for those specific subscribed categories for bid creation or updates.

Check User Activation

On Vendor Management system, the user needs to authenticate himself. If the user is not verified, he will not be able to login on system. After activation, he/she will be registered as vendor and they can login on the system by their email address and password

2. Search Bid

Bid(s) can be easily searched by User by bid category, bid type, bid title, bid status etc. User can apply filter by multiple categories, types and status simultaneously. For example If user want to view only ‘Awarded’ bids then by only checking the checkbox ‘Show Only Awarded’, they are able to view all ‘Awarded’ bids.

3. Subscribe Category

User can easily subscribe the categories to avail the updates of bid. User will be notified on bid creation and bid updates of those categories that are subscribed by him. User can subscribe categories at the time of registration or can update his/her profile to add/update category subscription.

4. Email Notification

Vendor Management system also provide the user Email Notification feature where user will get the facilities of email and fax notification. User registered with the system will receive notification by email or fax. User will also be notified for the bid creation and updates on current bids available on system.

5. Addendum

Addendum are the versions of a pre-published bid. If any bid is published and Administrator wants to update that bid, then they can edit/create a new version of bid with updating existing bid. That new bid version is called as addendum or child bid. There can be multiple addendum for a single bid and each addendum can have different files to download.

6. Look & Feel

Vendor Management system provide the feature where, user can update the theme of the site. Theme will be updated only for specific user, not for all users of system users. As a theme, user can also update color and font size of the site.

7. Views According to User Profile

  • Guest

Guest users are those temporary users who are not registered on the system. Guest users can view ‘Open’ bids on ‘Search Bid’ page as default. By using this filter(s), guest user can view all the respective bids. To view the details of bid and to download the bid’s file(s), guest user need to register on system.

      • Vendor

If user has registered with the system, then he/she will be subscribed as vendor on the system. Once vendor is registered, he/she can view all the bids with details and can download the bid’s file(s). Vendors are also facilitated for bid filter, edit their profile, change password and can also change the theme of the site.

  • Administrator

Administrator user can manage whole site and possess the highest authority on the system. They can manage both Vendors and Bids. Administrator user can create new vendors, view their profile and also can update their profile.

Administrator user creates the bid(s) and upload file(s) for bid. On bid updation, Administrator user can manage the uploaded files i.e. Administrator user can also remove the uploaded file(s). Administrator can manage the bid without notifying the vendors.

Administrator also manages the master pages provided for bid status, bid types and bid categories and also the email content. They can manage which email will send on which action like which email will send vendor registration, bid creation, bid updates etc.

8. Manage Junk Data

Vendor Management system allows the Administrator to manage junk data on the site. Administrator holds the right to manage data that he thinks should be not allowed for vendor registration and bid creation/updates.

9. Bid Download

Vendor Management system has provided facilities to download different file(s) of bid and their addendum. Vendor can download only those bid(s) whose status is ‘Open’. Bid files of other then ‘Open’ status can only be visible but cannot be downloaded. If there are multiple files in a bid or in addendum then all files can be downloaded as zip. There is also a page to view details of all downloaded bids by the vendor. On that page, Vendor can see which bid file have been downloaded the vendor and when. They can also filter the downloaded bids.

10. View Report

Administrator can track the notification reports; and can also view vendor reports and bid reports. In notification report, Administrator can track the details of which email has sent to which user on bid creation and updation. Vendor Management system also has the unique feature with which Administrator can get reports of vendors and bids in excel and print format.

11. Track User’s Activity

Administrator can track the download of user. When user download any file of bid or addendum, then Administrator can track which file of bid has downloaded by which user at which time.


Vendor Management is a system where organisation can find supplier with the lowest price for any bids This system efficiently manage vendor relationships by providing facility to manage their account on system, subscribe the categories and ability to get email notification and download functionality for subscribed bids and there Addendum. This system helps vendors to achieve their business goals.


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