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Creating installer for the desktop application with the help of the wix, while doing desktop application deployment is also major role to play, you need a setup of your product, so you can either create a MSI of your product and ask end user to have the prerequisites install by himself or you choose to prepare a bundle of prerequisite application that you wanted to make sure present on the target PC to get start and run your application, like in my case .net framework, mssql compact and k-lite codec as a part of prerequisites for my product. So I decided to make an MSI for my product and create a bundle of prerequisites and my product MSI, so end user doesn’t have to install all the prerequisites individually. My single installer will check that on target machine and install one by one all prerequisites on target machine and then final my product.


Part 1: In this post I am covering the setup environment for creating the wix setup project, generate GUID.

Part 2: will cover generate MSI of the product by Wix variable defining, product details, organizing directory,components and shortcut for your projects.

Part 3: will cover the bundling.

Part 4: will cover providing custom UI to your setup and signing the bundle.

Creating installer for the desktop application with the help of the Wix series Part 1.

Create MSI for your desktop application product by wix series Part 2.

Create wix bundle of prerequisites for your product wix series Part 3.

Provide custom UI to our installer wix series Part 4

Twitter Tag: #Wix, #Wixinstaller

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