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Support System- Interactive Multitouch App FAQ’s

Pinup board app is an Interactive application that allows you to pin your reviews and quotes on an interactive digital screen.

Go to Microsoft app store click > Get the app, that’s all.

No, you required any version of Windows 10 to install pinup board app.

Pinup board app is an interactive app where the user can put reviews, feedbacks with name, can add font color & style, run on full screen etc., which can’t be done in sticky notes.

No, you cannot use the app without filling details in the form.

No, just click at the sign-in button placed at left corner of the business detail form to login.

No, you can use it any devices based on Windows 10 operating system and write notes with the keyboard but we highly recommend touchscreen display for a better response.

Yes, you need to sign in with your login details used at time of first installation.

Of course, you can use the same login detail for your all devices.

Currently the app is support only Windows 10 but soon we will launch the app for iOS and Android.

Triple tap on the right corner of app screen > login with user id and password.

This issue might be due to corruption in the Windows Store.
Please follow the below methods and check if it helps.

Method 1: Try clearing the Store Cache:
a)      Press the Windows key + R keys.
b)      In the Run window, type WSReset.exe and click “Ok”.

Method 2:
Step 1: Run App Troubleshooter.
Note: The troubleshooter automatically fixes some issues that might prevent your apps from running, including suboptimal screen resolution and incorrect security or account settings.

Method 3:
Disable proxy Connection
If you use any proxy connection, then follow the steps to disable proxy connection.

  1. Gearbox at the top right corner in      Internet Explorer.
  2. Tools button, and then click Internet      Options.
  3. Connections tab, and then click LAN      settings.
  4. Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.
  5. Ok.

I would also suggest you to check whether the system time and date is correct

Don’t worry, reach out to us at with all your requirement and our sales team will contact you soon.

We are far from an email, just send your query at and one of our support executives will assist you.

Support System- Interactive Multitouch App Knowledge Base

“Pinup Board” is an interactive application that allows you to pin your reviews and quotes on an interactive digital screen. This new generation app is a paperless digital solution that replaces the physical pinboards. Use this app to collect reviews from your customers and show those to everyone or pin your personal notes with ease. And yes, the app is FREE to use and shall always remain free.

1. Open Microsoft Store
2. Search “Pinup Board”


3. Click on “Get” button


Once you get to download the app just fill the form shown on the screen when you run the app first time.


Or if you already have login ID click on the “Sign-in” link given at the left bottom of the form.


Once you have finished with business form then follow the below step.
Click on “ADD” button placed at right bottom of the app


Add Name, email id and write the notes/feedback

Write Quotes and Reviews

You can change the font and background color or can leave as it is, then clicks on “SAVE” button


Triple tap on the right top corner of the app screen.


Enter your “Password” and press at login button.


After login at the admin panel, click on “X” button to delete the message or

Paperless Interactive pinup board

Click “REMOVE ALL” button to delete all messages.


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