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The Office 365 HelpDesk add-in is designed to work efficiently with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online (Office 365).

You can get the add-in from Office app store. You need to be logged in to SharePoint Online site as an admin. To view the step by step instructions for installing the add-in, please review the user manual at

  • You can install HelpDesk add-in by adding the add-in from app store.
  • Go to site content add an add-in and select add-in and install.

HelpDesk(SharePoint Add-ins) system keeps tracks of every support request within an organization.

  • Administrator can add users with predefined role.
  • Administrator can add categories & assign the user to particular category.
  • Administrator can only view all the tickets on dashboard which are submitted/assign to user.

Yes,there can be more than one administrator in the system.

Once user login to system, user can raised the ticket & can resolve the tickets which are submitted by other users.

When administrator adds the category, the particular user is assigned to the category & user will notify through mail with category name.

Administrator assign users category wise in system, only those users can resolve/closed the tickets.

On users dashboard “Submitted by & Assigned to” default filter is given.

To remove the app from the site please follow the below steps:-

  • Login to sharepoint using Administrator account
  • Click on setting icon
  • Go to contents
  • Locate HelpDesk app
  • Click the 3 dots on HelpDesk app – a popup will appear
  • Click on three dots appearing on the pop-up
  • A remove option will appear click on remove and the app will get removed successfully.

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