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MyShowcase is an interactive touch application developed for spinTOUCH Interactive Solutions. SpinTOUCH has been one of our
prominent clients for last few years. We have developed numerous applications for spinTOUCH ranging from virtual reality
Kinect applications to data-intensive multi-touch applications.

Check out the quick video demonstration of the application below.

MyShowcase is another multi-touch application that features a touch-based
product catalog. Here's how it works:

  • The products can be placed into separate categories.
  • Each product can have a feature list divided into subcategories.
  • An interactive wheel allows navigation through the sub-categories.
  • Each sub-category can accommodate images and videos referring to the feature.
Ignatiuz has teamed up with spinTOUCH to bring you one-of-a-kind interactive experiences. To get more
details on pricing and availability, please feel free to reach out to spinTOUCH.

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