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Welcome to Office 365 Timesheet add-in

We are glad that you decided to try Office 365 Timesheet add-ins by Ignatiuz. Ignatiuz is a leading IT solutions provider providing custom SharePoint development solutions.

This add-in is a package of everything that you would need to manage your employee timesheets. With a quick setup process and friendly user interface, the add-in offers an easy learning curve for the users.

The office 365 Timesheet add-in runs with Office 365 and SharePoint on-premise. It is a user friendly add-ins allowing employees to submit their weekly timesheets and managers to approve the submitted timesheets. Convenient reporting feature allows managers and administrators to generate reports of work done throughout the week.

Few of the salient features of the Office 365 Timesheet add-ins are:

  • Quick and easy tracking of work hours.
  • Role based access.
  • Cloud based solution.
  • Manager’s approval with comments.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Completely secure with all your data lying in your own environment.

We hope that your employees will love using Office 365 Timesheet add-ins, resulting in increased returns on your technology investments.

Technical Specification

  • Sharepoint on-premises.
  • Office 365.
  • Admin rights required to install the app.
  • User should have the edit/contribute permission to use the app.

Latest upgrades and fixes

To offer maximum benefit out of the add-ins, we keep adding new features often to it. We make sure that it adds more value to your business operations with every new release. Below is a quick overview of the recent releases.

  • Version:
  • Release date: 14/08/2019

Key Features:

  • Some features of free version is updated
  • Design fixes of paid version.

Bugs rectified:

  • Administrator can become super manager.
  • Design fixes of paid version.

Installing and configuring the add-ins

  • Make sure that you are logged in to the Office 365 as an administrator. Click here to visit the Office 365 Timesheet add-ins page on Office Store.
  • On the add-ins page, click on the “Add” button.

User permissions to access the add-ins

All the user accessing Office 365 Timesheet should have “Edit” and “Contribute” permissions.
For giving permissions to users and group please follow below steps:-
  • Click on gear icon and select “Site Settings”.
  • In Site settings, select “Site permissions”.
  • Click on “Check Permissions”.


Below is the workflow for Timesheet add-in:

Logging On

Once the user is logged in to the Office 365 environment and if add-ins is already installed, it can be opened as shown below:
  • Go on site content
  • On clicking on site content, it will show all the installed add-ins.
  • Start the add-ins by clicking on it.

How to use the add-in

To know the detailed process of how to use this add-in click the below given button.


Reports are generated as per logged in user. If a Manager is logged in, report section will show approved timesheets for all the employees associated with the logged in manager. If an employee is logged in, in the report section only his/ her timesheet which are approved will appear.

Paid Feature

As the add-ins is upgraded with new features some paid features are added into admin section.
Few navigation links are added other than the above mentioned once.
Now the admin has the authority to convert the free version to new paid version to use the new features.

How to delete the add-ins from the site ?

To remove the app from the site please follow the below steps:-
  • Login to sharepoint using Administrator account
  • Click on setting icon
  • Go to contents
  • Click on Classic Sharepoint link to switch the site in classic mode. (For SharePoint Online users)

Get a Demo of Office 365 Timesheet App

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