Paid Feature

As the add-ins are upgraded with new features some paid features are added into the admin section. Few navigation links are added other than the above mentioned once.
Now the admin has the authority to convert the free version to new paid version to use the new features. Such as: -


To get a paid version you need to activate the license of the app. And to get that you need to navigate on the Upgrade page link present on the left navigation.
As you will get landed on upgrade page, you will see two buttons,

  • I have an activation key
  • Buy office 365 Timesheet Pro
Paid Features

Buy office 365 Timesheet Pro

To get the paid version, you must upgrade the free version to the paid version. And to get the paid version you must follow a few steps.

Click on “Buy office 365 Timesheet Pro “to get the Pro version activation license key.
On clicking on this button the user will get directed to a page in a new tab where all the packages of the pro version will be displayed.

Here you can see 4 different options of app activation:

Download free

If users want to use the app for free, then you can directly click on the download free button to get the app for free.

Buy now

If you want to buy for a 1-year subscription, then click on the buy now button and you will get a new checkout page. Fill all the details in that page and the user will get an email with the activation key of the app.
Simply follow the I have activation key steps to activate your app with the key.

Or try for 14 days

If a user wants to activate just to see the pro version features for 14 days, we give an option with activation key that will give you the access of all the pro features for 14 days trial period. Click on the link, fill all the details of the form user will receive an activation key which can be used to activate the app features for 14 days for free.

Notify Me

This button will help the user to get notified if whenever the enterprise version will be launched.
Click on the button and enter your email Id to get notified.

I have an activation key

To get all the features of a paid app license key is required. If a license key is generated, then you need to activate the license using "I have an activation key" option. Below are the steps to activate the license follow the below steps.

  • Click on the button “I have an activation key”.
enter license key
  • Enter the license key to activate the feature.
  • Click on the activate button.
  • The license will get activated.

Note : You will receive the key through email once the payment is done.

Once the license gets activated, users will be able to see some new links as “Settings” and “Timesheet setting”. Etc.

licence no

All new features for the paid version are mentioned below.


On settings page users can change the default week ending day (Friday) to any other day if needed. Setting page will only get visible after the Pro version is upgraded by the user.
Also, the setting page will be available only in Admin account.
  • Set week ending date- Week ending date have two options for date selection.
    • Select week day- With selection of week ending day we can now change the day for submission of timesheet from Friday as default to any other day according to the organization.
    • Select date type- Here two options are given for date type, by selecting any of the types we want, we can change the type of the date in the entire application.The options are DD-MM-YYYY and MM-DD-YYYY.
Set Weekend Date
  • Project/ Task Setting :-
    • This feature will help users to give an option in their organization for the employee whether to add tasks and assign tasks for the project.
    • By default, the selected option will be “All Users”, but if the admin wants that employee should not add a task in the application so now the admin can restrict this by selecting another option that is “Admin and manager only”.
    • Click on save, once selection is done.
    • This will help admin to apply restrictions on employees to add tasks in the application and from there onwards only Manager and Admin will have authority to add Projects and tasks.
project task setting
  • Choose color theme :-
    • This feature will help the users to select various colors for the same application. Users can click on the Choose color theme tab and can select any color that one wants to keep for the entire organization.
    • Users can also select the desired font for the site organization.
    • This feature will only be available in administrator accounts.
color theme
  • Mobile app Enable/Disable: –
    • This feature will help the users to ‘enable’ and to ‘disable’ the mobile App.
    • The Disable screen looks like this,given below
enable or disable mobile app
  • The enable screen looks like this,given below
  • Logs Enable/Disable: –
    • This feature will help the users to ‘enable’ and to ‘disable’ the logs.
    • The Disable screen looks like this,given below.
    • The enable screen looks like this,given below

Advanced Report

On report new search features have been added that will be helpful for the user to generate customized reports easily.
Advanced Reports
  • All the features of Advance Report can be visible only in the Pro version of the app.
  • Users can generate detailed reports according to the selected options needed.
  • Once the add-in gets converted in Pro version each user can access advanced report pages in their existing accounts such as: – Admin, Manager, Manager of managers, Employees and the old reports link will get replaced with the new one.
  • Users can also view the report in chart format which will give an idea of working of employees on all the projects and the project task clearly.
Advanced Reports chart format

Project And Task Settings

A new feature has been added for the paid version only known as Project and Task Settings.
This feature will help all the users to import projects and `task from excel sheet in bulk amount in one click.
The project and task setting page full access will only be given to Admin and Manager and employees can only create task and assign tasks to project.
project and task setting
  • On the Project page users can create a single project associated with its estimated hours, plus can also import projects with estimated hours.
  • Once the license is activated, users can go on Project and Task Settings page and can see the “Import feature” with the radio button.
  • Select the “Import Project” radio button.
project setting with estimate hour
  • The excel can be directly downloaded from the “i” icon present besides the text box.
  • Just hover on “i” and click on click here the correct format excel can be downloaded, where projects can be added, and file can be uploaded here.
  • Here we must upload an excel file of (.xlsx) format where Projects and Estimated hours should be the heading and below the heading, we can list all the projects and hours we want to get tracked in the Timesheet.
project xls
  • Once the excel gets created click on Choose file button and select the file.
  • Now click on save, all the entered projects will get imported in the Timesheet system smoothly.
  • This feature will be viewed and accessed by all the authorities who can access the project page like Admin, Manager, Manager’s Manager and Employee.
  • But in the Employee account only the Task tab will be visible as the employee is not having the authority to add projects.
  • Here in the employee account only new tasks can be added and imported by the employee.
  • If employees want to assign some tasks to an already created project, then employee can also do it.
task 2
  • Click on save the assigned task to the project and it will get saved.
assign task
  • Same process can be done using the admin and Managers account for assigning tasks to Projects tab.

Grant Permission

This feature is added in the paid version for giving permission to other users to fill the timesheet and approve the timesheet if needed.
grant permission
Here we can give authority to the employee role also to get login as manager and approve or reject its timesheet in his/her absence.
To grant permission for users follow below steps:
  • Enter the username you want to give access to, in the “authorized User” textbox
  • Select the user you want to access the account off, from the App user list.
  • Click on the save button and the user will get access to the selected user account.
  • All the added user permission can also be made inactive, and once the user is made inactive then that user will no longer be able to access the granted user account.


This page is added in the paid version for giving information regarding the changes done by the logged in users which are given the authority to Login as a different user and perform the activity in the person's absence.
Here all the details and activities of the employee, manager or any other user that logs into the user's account will be logged.
Activities such as creating a new timesheet, approval or rejection of the timesheet, adding new users in the organization etc.
In the below image we can see that the employee is logged in as manager into his manager’s account.
emp manager
Here the employee is approving the timesheet sent to the manager for approval.
approve timesheet
In the below image we can see the timesheet is getting approved from employee login as manager and all the activity which an employee has performed in the manager account is logged on the log page.
approved timesheet
Below we can see all the logs generated by the logged in user.
generated log

Upload Document

A new link is added to upload any documents on the site if you want all the users in the application to see.
In the image below you can see an upload document link in the left navigation of the Admin account. This link is only accessible by an administrator, that means the admin can only add the documents and all the other users can only view the added documents.
upload document

Timesheet Setting

A new navigation called Timesheet settings page, helps us to edit the timesheet for employees of the entire applications and users who are using the application.
Major three options are added that can be edited according to organizations' needs.

Email Settings:

Here in email setting a new option is added, that is whether the admin wants a time timesheet to get approved directly or wants the manager to approve first.
Also, now you have an option to send an email for timesheet approval or send an email when it's directly approved to the manager.
email setting

Benchmark Settings:

Here in benchmark setting admin is having an option to set a benchmark on daily hours. Such as if admin adds 10 as a benchmark then employees cannot enter more than 10 hours a day in their timesheet, it will through a validation as 10 hours gets exceeded.

Billable/ Non-Billable Settings :

Here in billable/ non-billable tab option is given to users whether the organization needs a billable checkbox in the timesheet or not.
If the “Hide Billable” option is selected, then the checkbox will get vanished from the timesheet.
Billable and non-billable settings

User Role, User import and Super Manager Role

As there are many managers and employees in the organizations where data of users and their role is present in an excel so now Timesheet have given you the facility to import all the user roles and the users in the timesheet app on just one click go.

User Role

On the User Management page a two new options have been added to import all the user roles from excel and admin can make a manager as a super manager so that in the application, from just uploading the excel with the user role data into the application.
Here in the below image you can see an option named “Import manager” and “Super Manager”.
user roles
So to import manager you have to follow few steps such as: -
  • Create an excel with the given format, which you can get from the “I” icon present beside the upload field.
Office 365 Timesheet import manager
  • Click on “click here” link format will be downloaded.
  • Create the user role excel in the same format shown below.
  • Once the excel is created, select the file from choose file button and click on the “Import” button.
  • All the data will get imported on the User Role page automatically.

Super Manager

To create super manager you have to follow few steps such as: -
super manager
  • Go to user management section
  • Click on Admin/Manager Tile from the dashboard
  • Enter the name of the user or also can edit the created manager and check the super manager check box.
  • Now the manager is the super manager and the super manager can create their own timesheets which does not require any approval. When the manager submits the timesheet it is directly approved.
  • Super manager can see all his/her timesheet in the Super Manager Portal


On the user management page a new option has been added to import all the users from excel in the application, from just uploading the excel with the user data into the application.
Here in the below image you can see an option named “Import Employee Manager”.
import employee manager
So to Import Employee Manager, you have to follow few steps such as: -
  • Create an excel with the given format, which you can get from the “I” icon present beside the upload field.
Office 365 Timeshet excel creation employee manager
  • Click on “click here” link format will be downloaded.
  • Create the user excel in the same format shown below.
Office 365 timesheet user excel
  • Once the excel is created, select the file from choose file button and click on the “Import” button.
  • All the data will get imported on the User page automatically.
Note - To see non-existing user links contain those users who do not exist in the Sharepoint Online site where the app deployed while importing users using excel sheet.