Work Smarter by Managing Your Digital Assets in One Convenient Location

It can be frustrating and time consuming to create, manage, locate, and store content without a centralized platform. With Ignatiuz's Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, we can help you streamline your processes, improve efficiency and transparency, and take the frustration out of handling digital files within your organization.

Not only can our solutions save you money in the long term, we can help the members of your organization work better together with the help of powerful, user-friendly software branded to your specific company and customized to fit your unique needs.

What Can You Do with Our Digital Asset Management System?

Here are just some of the capabilities you will have with our robust digital asset management software:

  • Make comments on visual content in one convenient place.
  • Assign different levels of access to your digital assets for those in-house as well as affiliates, salespeople, and others so they can easily download the content they need.
  • Use versioning to create and keep track of multiple versions of a digital asset from one place, reducing the risk of outdated content being used.
  • Provide clear branding and usage guidelines for marketing materials.
  • Easily retrieve archived digital assets from past marketing campaigns or projects to reference for new projects.
  • Save time, money, and frustration by providing quick access of digital assets to those who need it.


Create brand assets, including videos, logos, images, graphics, documents, presentations, and more with ease using our robust software. From concept to planning to development, our tools allow your team to generate ideas, define asset needs, set timelines, assign workflows and approvals, and plan out logistics so your creative team can streamline their processes and create content more quickly. For inspiration, past media files and related documents can be easily retrieved to help with the creative process.


Once the creation process is complete, it’s time to manage your digital assets and metadata. Our software helps you easily search and organize content with tagging and collections, even without metadata or file naming conventions. Versioning gives you the ability to keep all versions of a digital asset, including comments and notes, in one place. You can link your digital assets to blog posts and websites, and they will automatically update upon approval of new versions. A streamlined approval process allows management to quickly comment on or approve content, and different access levels can be utilized so different users can have the appropriate access to the files they need and nothing more.


Once you’ve created amazing visual content, the task becomes getting the right assets to the right people. Our digital asset management software makes distribution simple by leveraging roles and permissions to give users access to the right images, videos, and other content in the formats, dimensions, and resolutions they need. This includes not only downloading but also embed codes and links so content can be published directly to a blog, website, email marketing campaign, social media post, or other marketing tool with ease. Say goodbye to slow turnaround on projects due to the wait time to receive the correct files and formats. Now they will be at your fingertips and those of your team members or partners when you need them!


So what do you do with the endless number of files once they have reached the end of their lifecycle? Preserve and archive them along with their related documents and versions. Our digital asset preservation and storage features save you time and money by helping you organize your old files in a cost-effective manner using an archive-level storage environment while still giving you the ability to retrieve those files quickly and easily as needed.

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