Kinect for Windows Platform

When most people hear the word "Kinect," they think of popular gaming systems like the Xbox 360, which get gamers fully involved using motion sensing input. No remote needed!

But Microsoft is expanding its Kinect technology well beyond games. At Ignatiuz, our Philadelphia Kinect development team is staying up with the latest technology to develop amazing, gesture-based enterprise applications for Xbox 360, Windows PCs, and more.

We offer the following Kinect app development services:


Ignatiuz designs and develops unique, user-friendly Kinect interfaces that feel fluid and natural.


At Ignatiuz, we are hard at work experimenting with all the ways the users can interact with their Kinect device.


Our team is developing new and unique Kinect apps.


We are working hard on a line-up of Kinect apps available for purchase.


Ignatiuz - Your Partner for Microsoft Kinect Applications Development

We specialize in the development of gesture-based interactive applications for enterprises using Kinect. Contact us today to learn how we can develop engaging Kinect applications for your organization.