Office 365 Timesheet App

Office 365 Timesheet app build by Ignatiuz Software, is an internal business tool designed for small-medium size businesses to large organizations. It allows the employees to track their work hours for each task under a project, followed by a managerial approval and easy reporting. The Office 365 Timesheet software is also extremely secure since only authorized individuals will be able to access the timesheets. This is one of the best timesheet apps available, and the App works integrated with Office 365 based SharePoint Online or a self-hosted version of SharePoint.

With over 6000 active users spread over 22+ countries around the world, Ignatiuz Office 365 Timesheet App continues to rise as the most reliable time tracking solution for SharePoint. Read on to know more about the features and benefits of the Office 365 timesheet software, and why you should use it for your business.

Office 365 Timesheet app

Now let’s talk about the existing notable features in the app

Office 365 Timesheet app is a simple user-friendly app with an easy functional flow, lets take a look at some of the key features mentioned below:

  • Employees can record and save daily hours worked as a draft.
  • Weekly submission of drafted timesheets by employee.
  • Draft timesheets can be modified easily before submission.
  • Draft or Timesheets can be modified easily before submission.
  • Easy reporting for billable and non-billable tasks.
  • Project/Task-specific daily reporting.
  • The manager can approve or reject the submitted timesheet(s) with comments.
  • Ability to map multiple employees to a specific manager.
  • Email notification on submission and approval/rejection of timesheets.
  • Previously rejected timesheets can be corrected by employee and resubmitted quickly.
  • Administrator role to efficiently add/change managers and employees within the system.
  • Friendly UI with easy administration.
  • Export repots to Excel.
  • Supported on Internet Explorer, Edge and Chrome browsers.

To know more about how the employee timesheet app works, click here to get the user guide of Office 365 Timesheet App.

Benefit of using Office 365 Timesheet App

Now you will be thinking, what are the benefits? Why I should use this app?

The answer is pretty simple, no matter you are a small, medium or large organization to generate a revenue or profit, office 365 Timesheet will help you to monitor the progress of your project and you can also track your employee productivity. This is a single solution that provides you the space to evaluate the productivity of your employee and the progress of your organization. Also, the employee timesheet app helps your managers review submitted timesheets on the go. Let me share the benefits with you in points:

  • The basic version of the app is for free, so no need to engage your money, no initial investment needed.
  • Office 365 Timesheet increases the probability of profit generation, as via the app you are able to monitor the progress of the project, and you can do the alteration in the process by evaluating the number of working hours already spent in the project and how much amount of time is left.
  • You can assess the productivity of your employees.
  • Forecasting can be done and necessary steps can be taken, before it is too late.
  • Excellent support, no need to worry if you are facing any trouble in using the app or you need any assistance, the support team is available 24X7 on email, call and chat.

Continues Addition of features

Office 365 Timesheet app team brainstorm continuously to add new and useful features to the app, in both free and paid versions. We have a dedicated team of researchers who keep on doing the R&D to provide meaningful features to our users. Here is a glimpse of some of the upcoming exciting features which you can find in near future in the Free, Pro or Enterprise version:

  • Custom week ending day (other than Friday).
  • Monthly and yearly report generation.
  • Dynamic CRM integration
  • Microsoft Project integration.
  • Tailored made features.

To know more about pricing and comparison charts click here.

Why You Should Get the Office 365 Timesheet App

The Office 365 Timesheet app by Ignatiuz is a user-friendly business tool that helps employees within the organization record their contributions and submit timesheets. Managers, in turn, can view these timesheets and use them to evaluate the performance of employees. Read on to know what makes this timesheet software a good choice for your business.

  • The employee timesheet app allows managers to create as many projects and tasks as is required within the SharePoint environment. What this means is that you are investing in a software solution that is scalable. So, even if your workforce increases and your business goals change, you will still be able to continue using the Office 365 timesheet app.
  • The Office 365 Timesheet app allows your employees to record their contributions in terms of the number of hours spent on different tasks daily. Employees can then submit their timesheets as a weekly report to their manager for their perusal. This is one of the best timesheet apps since it even helps your employees modify their timesheet entries before making the submission.
  • Tracking the contributions of multiple employees on a daily basis can be extremely time-consuming. With the Office 365 Timesheet app, managers can review the submitted timesheets on a weekly basis. The best part is that since these timesheets are available in a digital format, managers can review and approve them even when they are on-the-go.
  • The Office 365 Timesheet app will also help your business segregate the efforts of your employee into non-billable and billable categories, thus making it easy for managers to review the performance of employees.
  • Timesheet software enables robust and precise reporting for individual tasks and projects. This, in turn, gives managers much better visibility of how employees are performing.
  • The Office 365 Timesheet app also keeps all the data you enter secure. Only authorized entities will be able to access timesheets.
  • The timesheet software also helps your export timesheets into other formats like PSD, CSV, and Excel. This allows the management to use the timesheets for further analysis and review.
  • This is one of the best timesheet apps and is supported by a number of browsers, which include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. It is also available on iOS and Android. So, regardless of which platform your business uses, you will be able to access the Office 365 Timesheet app.
  • The employee timesheet app is available in three variants – Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Thus, you will be able to pick a variant that is in-line with your business needs.

Office 365 Timesheet App 360-Degree Support

Office 365 Timesheet app team believes in long term relationship, and the support team helps to accomplish this goal, we have a 360-degree client support, users can reach out to us with their queries by email, chat, or call by  booking a demo where our experts will give a free 30 minutes of a walkthrough of the of Office 365 Timesheet app.

I would like to ask you a favor. Would you mind taking a few minutes to share your review of the Timesheet App? Your comments help others know what to expect when they are looking for the Timesheet App we offer. We look forward to reading your feedback – it means a lot to us. Good feedback will encourage us to perform better and critical feedback will help us learn how to improve, please click here to submit review.

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