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Boost User Adoption Rates with User-Centered Design

Has your company ever invested in new, expensive technology, only to have it shelved within a couple of months because users find it too difficult or confusing? Unfortunately, this common and costly scenario plays out often within organizations.

At Ignatiuz, we understand that a great user experience results in higher user adoption rates. A user-centered experience goes far deeper than just the look and feel of a SharePoint portal; it is about how comfortable a person is when using the system.

As a top UI and UX design firm, we put the highest value on user experience with User-Centered Design (UCD) techniques. UCD is a philosophy and a process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user are given extensive attention in each stage of the process, resulting in the best user interface design possible. UCD not only analyzes how people are likely to use an interface but also tests the validity of their assumptions.

Interactive Design

Websites and applications need to be interactive, easy to use, and highly functional. As a leading Philadelphia UX design company, our interactive design techniques provide seamless interactions that are highly focused on the end-user experience.

SharePoint Branding Templates

The end user experience is essential to user adoption. Ignatiuz's branding services offer creative solutions that enable clients to enjoy a custom branded experience, making SharePoint more engaging and user-friendly.

Usability Testing

It's easy to design a beautiful looking website or app but overlook its intended purpose. Even the most eye-catching design will fall flat with users if it is not responsive, well-organized, and intuitive. Our UI design services include comprehensive usability testing to determine how people will use your site or application and whether or not it meets its intended purpose.

Choosing a Top UI/UX Design Company

Not all UX design companies are the same. Our user experience team excels in developing, customizing, and testing to ensure the best possible user experience. Contact us today to get started on your next project.